39,re ter a &lsquo,mixed` relationship, don`t funk.

39,re ter a &lsquo,mixed` relationship, don`t funk.

You’ve bot dating for a while, and have even said the scariest three words ter the English language: &quot,I love you.&quot, And the two of you are beginning to wonder out noisy if it’s time to take the relationship to the next level and stir te together.

But are you ready? How do you know? If you can honestly reaction &quot,yes&quot, to the six questions below, you’re ready to set up housekeeping te collective space.

Are your discussion/negotiation abilities good enough to treat a fight about toilet paper?

You may think I’m kidding, but I’m not. There are two types of people ter the world: those who like their toilet paper to come from overheen the top of the roll, and those who insist that toilet paper wasgoed meant to come from underneath the roll. And each camp is wooed that theirs is the right way. Check with your sweetie before you rent the moving van: is he or she an over-the-topper our out-from0the-bottomer? And if (gasp!) you abruptly realize you’re ter a &lsquo,mixed’ relationship, don’t scare. If you can’t work it out, either get two separate toilet paper holders, or do what my hubby and I do: don’t waterput the paper te the holder at all – just leave it on the toonbank. That way the cat can’t unroll it all overheen the floor, which is an added benefit.

A sub-category of the toilet paper roll war is the toothpaste tube skirmish where the battle lines are drawn four ways: cap-ons, cap-offs, squeeze-from-the-middles, and neat-rollers. Don’t even go there. Get your own individual tube of toothpaste!

Are you spending most or all of your free time at each others’ homes already?

And are you doing so without either of you feeling hampered or suffocated? If you both love each others’ onveranderlijk non-working time company, then you’re good candidates for sharing a land phone line and a refrigerator.

Do you want to live together for more than financial reasons?

Two indeed can live more cheaply than one, but it’s a crappy reason to budge te together, and the relationship is not ter good form if that’s all you’re thinking about. However, if it’s because you’re contemplating a more voortdurend relationship, or you indeed do like each other that much (notice I said like, not love. Like is just spil significant, if not more), then I say go for it!

Can you two agree on which would be the best place to live: your place, your sweetie’s place, or a totally fresh place?

Be fair. Is there enough slagroom at either place for two people and all their stuff without the diferente foot occupant feeling encroached upon? Talk about this a loterijlot and I mean a lotsbestemming, before you determine.

If your sweetie merienda collective his or hier place with a former love, you may very well feel like you’re moving into the ex’s &lsquo,huis’ and not a &lsquo,huis’ you two can forge for yourselves. If you even think you might feel this way, get a place that’s totally fresh for both of you.

Can you come up with amicable compromises about pre-existing pets, ugly but beloved furniture, and huis d&eacute,cor?

When I very first moved te with my hubby Alex, I already had two cats. He wasgoed not a cat person, and had never lived with one. Merienda Alex learned the hard way that cats indeed don’t need shampooing, he and Torey and Speedy achieved a sort of &quot,live and let live&quot, d&eacute,tente that they maintain to this day.

When I married my very first spouse, I also inherited the world’s ugliest couch. It wasgoed a relic from his parent’s family slagroom, the one that hadn’t bot renovated since 1950. The couch wasgoed seven feet long and covered with the most hideous avocado green vinyl you can imagine. Merienda wij got something more stylish, I dreamed nothing more than to druppel that couch off at the nearest nuclear waste storage webpagina where it belonged! David would have none of it. That damn couch wasgoed a family heirloom! Wij compromised and stuck it ter our own basement. He very likely still has it.

If you like traditional or antique and your sweetie is all about contemporary Scandinavian minimalism, can you work it out without making your huis look like it wasgoed decorated by Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde?

Is your sweetie also your best friend?

Reaction thesis questions:

Do you save up little items of rente from your day to share with your sweetie?

Do you turn to your beau or gf very first whenever there’s a problem?

And does he or she react te a positive, supportive manner?

Do you sometimes just cuddle for the heck of it without the voeling leading to anything more sexual, and that’s okay?

(If you said yes to all of thesis, you might want to consider moving te together and programma a wedding.)

Moving ter together is a meaty decision, and you will also need to consider such factors spil family attitudes about non-married co-habitation before you get the keys copied and add a name to the mailbox.

But if you answered yes to all of the above questions. it’s time to call up your friends and bribe them into helping you budge. Pizza and drinks usually work well.

I hope I’m invited to the housewarming party!

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