Weapon of Choice – Eve Online Mission Guide

Weapon of Choice – Eve Online Mission Guide

This guide and movie walkthrough will voorkant the Advanced Military Career arc mission, Weapon of Choice ter the MMO movie spel, Eve Online. Within you will find information on completing the mission objectives along with prizes and any other relevant details. This is the seventh te a chain of ten missions.


“Use the civilian weapon you’ve bot granted to ruin the pirate.”

Enemies (Caldari)

  • Slagroom 1:

Total Bounty: Three,000 Isk

Special Note: You don’t have to use the granted voorwerp to kill the pirate, any weapon works. If you’re just attempting to blitz this mission, leap ter and kill it with whatever you have available.


The purpose of Weapon of Choice is to familiarize you with the different weapon systems which are used by the Four main races ter EVE Online. Generally there is the capability to getraind any zuigeling of weapon to a ship spil long spil here are the adequate launcher and turret slots, however each ship generally has bonuses that valenza a particular kleintje of weapon. For example a loterijlot of Amarr ships give powerful bonuses to laser weapons, but you could still gezond projectile or hybrid turrets on said ship, since they all share the use of turret slots, but you’ll do far weaker harm or have a much lower effectiveness than if you used lasers. Generally its a good rule of thumb to use what weapons are bonused by the ship, since you’ll only be hurting yourself te the end if you do otherwise.

There are certain and zonderling special cases where fitting non-bonused weaponry serves a purpose, however thesis will be covered separately.

There is not much to the mission itself, basically fitting the weapons you’ve bot granted and flying out to the mission encounter where you’ll be shooting down a lone pirate. Since there isn’t much to voorkant there, I will voorkant a bit about the different weapon types below.

Missiles (Caldari): Spil the mission text will mention, Caldari ships typically distinción either hybrid turrets or missile launchers spil their primary weapons, albeit the other races have a few ships of their own with missile bonuses. The benefits of missiles come with the capability to choose any Four of the harm types for each bay, using the various ammo types. They require 0 capacitor to fire, leaving your energy reserves for other uses. Also they are not affected by tracking effects or jamming, making it firmer for the enemy to impede your harm dealing.

On the negative side, they take time to reach their target, delaying the coetáneo dealing of harm with longer ranges. Their basic ammo types do not have some of the special modifiers such spil +range or higher harm, etc, that hybrid, laser and projectile ammos have. Ultimately they can also be slok down by special defender missiles, however thesis are uncommonly used either by AI and even less by other players since it means they have to sacrifice an offensive weapon slot to do so.

Projectile Weapons (Minmatar): Favored by Minmatar ships almost exclusively, the projectile weapons are similar to hybrid turrets with a few differences. Like missiles they use no cap, but do so with instant harm dealing. They can also switch the type of harm done with the various basic ammos which also modify some other attributes of the weapon like range or tracking modifiers.

The negatives for projectile weapons are similar to those affecting all turrets, they have to be able to track their targets to succesnummer effectively and can be jammed by electronic warfare devices that reduce said tracking speed or range or both.

Lasers (Amarr): Like projectiles for Minmatar, the Amarians are the only ones who give bonuses to laser weapons. They benefit from their basic ammo being endless, since the weapons use nonexpendable crystals spil ammo, thus freeing up cargo space for other uses and saving yourself money ter the long run. Keep te mind, the Tech Two and Faction variants still have limited use, unlike the basic variations, spil the crystals will take harm with use and eventually pauze.

On the down side, the lasers use the most capacitor of all the weapons, which means less energy for other modules, making active armor tanking a bit of a challenge. Again, spil turrets they can be disrupted negating their capability to overeenkomst harm effectively. Even tho’ you’re saving space on ammo, a loterijlot of higher efficiency Amarr builds will still use consumable cap boosters spil a sort of ammo for their energy reserves ter order to keep all their modules running.

Drones (Gallente): Gallente ships are the only ones that posses any serious drone bonuses (not counting caudal ships) however most ships of all races have some space to equip a flight of drones. Drones are a special category of weapon separated from both launchers and turrets. For one, they don’t take up slots for either, since they are fitted ter their own special drone bay on a ship. So you can augment your total harm by using drones without losing main weapon harm. They utilize no cap, and function spil separate ships almost entirely, that are under your guideline. Thus they are not affected by any e-war which is targeted on you. One good attribute of drones is they will often automatically target and attack hostile ships, however generally need some orders to do so without splitting up and losing effectiveness.

The downsides of drones is that they are expensive to buy, especially their tech Two variants, and can be slok down by AI or players. They also need to be launched by hand from your ship and fly towards their target to fire. The AI te particular can be positivo irritating about targeting your drones and you’ll need to order them to fly back to your ship and dock to avoid losing them, which takes time and often leads to some still being ruined. They aren’t that excellent on their own without serious upgrades through abilities and mods or other weapons supporting their efforts. You also cannot equip fresh drones to substitute ones lost without docking up te a station.

Hybrid Turrets (Gallente & Caldari): Albeit not given to you ter any variation of this mission, the hybrid turret is identically favored by both Caldari and Gallente ships. Most of the ammo types you choose have widely varying modifiers to harm, range and so forward, but lack the capability to interchange harm type, always dealing kinetic and thermal.

They still require cap to fire, albeit less than lasers and like all turrets, are capable of being jammed by e-war, reducing their effectiveness.

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