9gag – Encyclopedia Dramatica

9gag – Encyclopedia Dramatica

HOLY SHIT 9gag is the precies same spil Reddit. 1

9fag (A.K.A. EbaumsWorld Two: Electrified Boogaloo and 9fag ) is yet another “meme” spawning abomination of a webstek akin to memebase, FunnyJunk, Imgur or reddit. Inhabited solely by 12 year old damsels with Down Syndrome, this mix of 12 year olds, plagiarism and good old fashioned faggotry creates something that makes your eyes melt from your skull at a single glance. This turd of a webstek scours the lowest innards of the interwebs scrapyard, digs out age old pics and burns it’s black mark of unfunny death into their lower parts. The hellsite then invites NORPS and hipsters to comment and laugh and dribble from their facebook profiles about how funny and diferente all the bollocks simmering ter vuurlijn of them is. It also happens to have a name that sounds like a gay porn webpagina that specializes ter mouth fucking from numerous dicks, which could be considered much more joy than the reality.


The Webpagina [ edit ]

The “content”, “created” by newfags on this webpagina are composed mainly of rage comics, lame puns, compelled memes, and just about anything that has already bot made on other sites or that just isn’t funny is mostly featured on 9gag. Meme use te this webpagina has reached unimaginable levels of exploitation, every comic made on 9gag is mostly composed of rather overused memes to the point of forcing one to voorkant one’s eyes te a futile attempt to block out the levels of unfunniness coming from the webpagina, but ter a shocking turn of events, it still manages to cause the mentally handicapped 13 year old users to laugh and clap their mitts like paraplegic seals, just before typing a quick reaction comment that somehow manages to haul the unfunny levels down even further into the unfathomable innards. 9faggers voorwaarde they have no soul, despite the distinct lack of any shock pictures on their webpagina, and the mere viewing of a puny dosage of goatse or tubgirl would very likely send them into a deep psychological coma, blubbering and spasming on the floor until their mother walks ter and breathes a breathe of ease that she will never have to overeenkomst with hier retarded hipster excuse of a son everzwijn again. It has eventually bot fully proved that 9gag does ter fact outright steal other sites content, and will feverishly attempt to voorkant it up. Fully explained here, it is a sad state of affairs when a webpagina’s only main source of content is from the well known content thief Reddit, therefore leaving 9gag a shriveled speck of indecency rotting at the very bottom of the immense barrel that is the internet.

9gag also protects pics from downloading by right click, to copypasta, simply press F12 while ter Google Chrome, click frames-images and pick the jpg opstopping you want to download. If you want to delete 9gag watermark, copy the url to fuck9gag.com. The content te question doesn’t belong to them anyway. But why anybody would want 9gag photos for anything other than developing cures for The Cancer is beyond us.

The 9gag Community [ edit ]

  • Ten year old boys.
  • Ten year old boys who steal from /b/.
  • Ten year old boys who steal from Reddit
  • Ten year old boys who steal from ED.
  • Ten year old boys who think they’re the elite of the internet.
  • Ten year old boys who think 9gag creates memes.
  • Ten year old boys who think Rage Comics are funny.
  • Ten year old boys who think all memes come from 9gag.
  • Ten year old boys who think that coerced memes are hilarious.
  • Ten year old boys who think they’re part of the ‘9gag Army’.
  • Ten year old boys who think Chuck Norris jokes are funny.
  • Niggers who steal from other websites.
  • Hipsters
  • Newfags
  • 16 year old chicks
  • Basement Dwellers
  • Fags
  • White Trash
  • Mongoloids
  • YouDisregard that, even you wouldn’t be part of this shit community, which is doing yourself a goddamn ayuda.

Rules of 9gag [ edit ]

The Azn overlords of 9gag determined it would be a good idea to enforce rules on their awesome webstek te a petty attempt to zekering it from looking like a 4chan clone. The rules listed below resemble both “Rules of the Internet” which hauls their current level of unfunniness down to unfathomable innards, and forum rules. Notice how there’s 9 rules? That’s so clever.

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