Dating Scams, Romance Ripoffs and Gegevens Thieves – From the mind of Dan

Dating Scams, Romance Ripoffs and Gegevens Thieves – From the mind of Dan

Dating Scams, Romance Ripoffs and Gegevens Thieves&hellip,

I think I&rsquo,m ter the process of being scammed by a fake profile on a dating webstek. I signed up on Slew of Fish ( a few years back, with mixed results at best. But this postbode is not about my dating track record, it is a warning to others about how to keep your guard up when communicating with strangers you may meet on thesis types of sites.

Now, to be clear, at this point I toevluchthaven&rsquo,t bot scammed at all, but the entire thing has a &ldquo,too good to be true&rdquo, feel to it that is making mij wary. I&rsquo,ll start with a quick breakdown of &ldquo,very first voeling.&rdquo,

At about 6am I received a notification that I had a message waiting for mij on POF. Spil has bot the case too often lately, I wasgoed still awake from a restless night of sleep. So when the notification wasgoed received, I checked it instantaneously.

“Pretty_laddy” (above), sent a very elementary &ldquo,hi there&rdquo, spil a message. I responded with &ldquo,Good morning :)&rdquo,

A few minutes straks I got a reply along the lines of &ldquo,Gd morning. how are you. are you having any luck on pof. i am so sick of it with people always sending nasty messages. their treatment is deepthroats. you seem level headed. do you have a name?&rdquo,

I told hier I did indeed have a name, Dan, and that I wasgoed also feeling disenfranchised with the POF webpagina te caudillo spil a means of making a existente connection. She replied by telling mij hier name wasgoed Cathy and that she wasgoed very likely going to abandon the entire pof webpagina. She asked for an email address so wij could proceed talking if she did abandon.

I talent the hotmail address I use for spam, marketing, and contest entries instead of my primary email account, spil my spider senses were already tingling. After a few minutes I went back to re-read hier profile, 50% of mij looking for informatie that would confirm it wasgoed a scam, the other half of mij still wanting to believe this wasgoed an authentic connection. (and yes, I wasgoed a little worried that with a name like &ldquo,pretty laddy&rdquo, a scam could be the least of my issues) But POOF, it wasgoed gone&hellip,

Okay, well she did say she wasgoed thinking about quitting the webpagina, no big overeenkomst. I determined to attempt to get ter a duo hours sleep and leave behind about it all for a while. When I awoke, I found this message te my inbox, along with the same two pictures that were used ter the POF profile:

Hey how do you do , sorry for getting back to you pretty late, just got done with my stuffs. How are you , wondering who this is ? I hope my picture brings back the memory of who i am . Wij got talking duo of hours back on POF, my name is Catherine, exchanged few lines and i told you how awkward and weird were the messages i wasgoed getting on POF and i couldn&rsquo,t stand it. Well enough of the introduction , I am just getting back to you like i said i would after my paperwork , im sure when i begin my presentation at my place of work it would be a slick one. If you copy this message, Gladly react and i would like to know more about you , cos you sounds level headed . I wont mind you can include your picture spil you react to this note, take care of you. I&rsquo,m patiently waiting for your response.

Okay, if I wasgoed 50/50 earlier, I am ter total scam prevention mode now. Yet, there is still 10% of mij that wants to believe that this is a nice Eastern European woman with slightly violated English that is interested te meeting and getting to know mij. Now is the time to use the contraptions of the internet to shed some light on the situation.

This next section may be the most practical, useful part of this article for the casual reader who stumbles upon my tumblr pagina. Five Ways to Identify Scammers:

  1. Very first, I did plain google searches using the utter name and variations of the name te quotes, with the word &ldquo,scam&rdquo, outside the quotes. (ie: Google search) spil well spil searches using the email address instead of the name.
  2. Another instrument is the Google Switch sides Picture Search. This permits you to upload photos you have on your hard drive and Google comebacks all similar photos that can be found on the web. If the scammer wasgoed lazy and is using modelling or stock photos, this can help you find out.
  3. This webpagina is a Vereiste READ for anyone using online dating sites, A plain quiz on the very first pagina will help you determine if you should be suspicious.
  4. If you are suspicious, make sure you read through all the crimson flags listed on another pagina of the Romance Scams webstek.
  5. This step is a bit more tedious, but the Romance Scams webpagina permits users to report scammers and they&rsquo,ve built an astounding database of photos used by scammers. Keep te mind, the people ter the photos are often victims of identity fraud themselves.

Te my case, I found nothing to concretely confirm my suspicions at this early stage. But I will be proceeding cautiously. If I am totally off colchoneta and this is the beginning of true love forever, you can be sure you will read about it here. If I receive any entertaining attempts at keeping the scam going merienda I am sure about what is going on, you can expect to read about that too. Stay safe out there!

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