Five Reasons Why I – m So Glad I Attempted Online Dating, HuffPost

Five Reasons Why I – m So Glad I Attempted Online Dating, HuffPost

Today, ter 2014, it’s almost less common to find people who have never attempted online dating than it is to find people who have. While I don’t think finding love on the Internet has the negative connotation it used to, there are still slew of skeptics — and to those skeptics I say: just attempt it! I wasgoed merienda ter your boots! I merienda scoffed at the idea of creating a profile and messaging a stranger and meeting and then having to explain how wij met.

But one night te collegium, a friend who wasgoed gladfully dating a doll she met online wooed mij to give it a attempt. Hier argument? It wasgoed going to be much stiffer to meet other lesbians merienda I moved huis after graduation than it wasgoed on a collegium campus. And even on that collegium campus, finding suitable people to date wasn’t always a breeze.

So I made a profile, and let mij tell you, online dating has bot finta the venture for mij. And regardless of your sexual orientation, it indeed has long list of benefits. Here are some of my favorites:

1) It coerces you to leave your convenience zone. Putting yourself out there, creating a profile with a picture of your face and sending a message to a random stranger is actually quiebro nerve-wracking. I mean, talk about making a very first impression! What kleintje of picture to choose? What to say about myself ter my bio? How to embark a message ter a way that’s neither boring strafgevangenis over-the-top? Thesis questions will run through your mind, but it takes courage to go for it anyway. You get convenient with being awkward when you realize that everyone else out there is just spil pusil├ínime spil you are.

Two) You meet different kinds of people than you would te your everyday life. I’ve dated a handful of people I met online, and let mij tell you, I’m not sure our paths would have everzwijn crossed ter positivo life. Very first, because wij didn’t live ter the same instant area, but secondly, because they draped out ter different types of places and with different types of people than I did. It might not have worked out with all of them ter the end, but I can honestly say that the people I met online were some of the most interesting and notable people. I learned a lotsbestemming from them and I am so glad our lives intersected, even if only for a few weeks or a few months at a time.

Trio) Practice makes volmaakt. With online dating, you don’t have to wait to meet someone to ask on a date or wait for someone to ask you — ter “existente life” that could take months. Online, you can get more dates te a shorter period of time. You know how people say that every job vraaggesprek you go on, whether it leads to a job or not, is at least “vraaggesprek practice?” And you know how you get more comfy going on job interviews every time you do it because they all ask (mostly) similar questions and are structured (basically) the same? That’s exactly what very first dates are like. Sure, when you go on a date with a fresh person for the very first time, you’re still going to feel those nerves and butterflies, but with each date you go on, you learn more about what works for you and what doesn’t. For example: Know what zuigeling of drink is suitable to order ter that setting, never again suggest a place that’s so quiet every muffle feels excruciating, and when all other conversation fails, tell them about that time you accidentally ate an entire “special” brownie ter high schoolgebouw and proceeded to throw up. (Or maybe. don’t mention that).

Four) It’s far from being passive. Some people say, “good things come to those who wait.” I say, “good things come to those who waterput themselves out there and attempt hard.” Sure, the man/woman of your fantasies isn’t going to emerge out of skinny air just because you messaged 100 people on OkCupid (te one night), but I believe that when you take initiative to do something you want to do, good things will toebijten. They might not be the precies thing you set out to obtain (for example, you might meet someone online who turns out to be a indeed good friend or who points you ter the direction of a fresh career path instead of being your lifelong love), but they will add to your life regardless. It’s all about determining what you want te your life and going for it.

Five) You learn a lotsbestemming about yourself and other people. Like, what do you do when someone sends you two paragraphs on how beautiful you are and how you have the same taste ter movies, but it’s so overheen the top that you’re meticulously creeped out? What about when you’ve bot messaging someone and all of a unexpected, they just zekering answering — spil if you are not even a human being on the other end of cyberspace, spil if you are just a username not even worthy of a “I met someone but it wasgoed truly nice talking to you” message? Awkward situations provide some significant lessons about human nature.

Even if you don’t wind up meeting your next gf/beau/soul mate/best friend through online dating, it is certainly a renombrado practice that can positively contribute to your growth spil a person.

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