Falling te Love

Falling te Love

How did you meet your soul mate?

dangling out with a friend playing pool my friend happened to be his uncle unnecessary to say hid uncle didnt see e spil a friend and wasnt blessed about mij and my now spouse relationship

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Te a Universe spil Giant spil ours ,I believe there could be multitudes of (soul mates).

I can imagine entire tribes of soul mates . All linked by heart and soul,Spil wij travel through this life wij are very fortunate to find any of them at all!

Spil to who wij end up with te the end. Who Knows what other things ter our lives cause us to take different paths. However every connection is a bliss indeed!

Thank you. I don’t know if I believe te that term anymore but my fucking partner/spouse and I met when I wasgoed 17. Then many years zometeen when I wasgoed 28 wij got back te touch on the pc. Wij talked for a year online and that’s when wij fell ter love.

You’re welcome. And, I’m glad you found someone.

I witnessed hier for the knuckle time ter the street and fell te love with hier. I don’t there is something te hier that makes mij love hier unconditionally.

Everything will waterput into place when you’ll not to swift track the moments. Falling te love takes time.

Each women I have had a romantic relationship with, has enhance my soul ter some way and vice versa. I’m looking for one who could enhance my soul the most right now.

I told hier that I wasgoed being treated for a situation that my ex talent mij, and she still went down on mij. That’s love.

I thought I did. It wasgoed a grand illusion.

Ahh. Smoke and mirrors can be very tricky if done right.

I met my soul mate when i wasgoed 14. wij both were and wij married at 17 still together 36 years straks. He drives mij mad, but i worry if he is five minutes late huis from work. Aw is that not nice.

vivo lovely Joy spil nice spil you!

If You Look Closely. You will notice that the spammer above you opened this thread up again Sofs. The spam has bot reported.

I reported him myself and thought I would let folks here know that thesis are topics that have bot discussed and wij could pull out those threads if wij needed fresh discussion. thanx PD

My pleasure. take care.. love the holidays

Someone I know met their soul mate while shopping ter TESCO. I am going to meet my soul mate te 2011 the scinderela way!

I don’t look at anyone spil my ‘soul mate’ I think that term has simply become a catch all phrase. But my present spouse and I met te a talk slagroom 12 years ago, I just see us spil two people who love each other, respect each other spil individuals but with enough te common that it works well for us.

I may have met my soul mate a few times ter my life. but they just dreamed to mate.

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