Here is the where the story gets interesting.

Here is the where the story gets interesting.

Cain or Esau. What do you think?

I have read it all now. Bigfoot is claimed to be Cain!

I wasgoed talking to my spouse about his research with Bigfoot when he demonstrated mij an article he found. (I have anxiously named it Lielas Pedas Bipedal, meaning large bipedal foot.) The article suggested that Bigfoot wasgoed actually Cain from the bible. Proof to this could be found ter a book called “The Journal of Mormon History”

I began at my hubby te disbelief. Then I made him email mij a copy of the story so I could read it myself.

The story states that a manuscript dating back to 1919 tells of a missionary being attacked by a massive hairy creature. The missionary claimed he drove the animal off ter the name of Christ. This led to talk of another lump of the puzzle by another Mormon missionary named David W. Patten who had also encountered the Lielas Pedas te Tennessee ter 1835. According to David Patten, the hairy creature wanders the Earth homeless, pathetic, incapable to diegene and seeks the souls of lost dudes. He too claims he rebuked the brute te the name of Christ, telling him to leave.

Supposedly this belief is derived of Heerser telling Cain that his penalty for slaying his brother wasgoed to become a vagabond, a fugitive that shall wander the earth. Cain claimed that his penalty wasgoed greater than he could bear. He claimed that anyone that crossed his path would slay him. Schepper placed upon Cain a mark that should anyone slay him, vengeance would be taken upon him sevenfold. (For more information on this look up Genesis Four:9-16)

This is where the wow coeficiente for mij came ter. Cain is Bigfoot? A big hairy animal? Hmm, I think upon a closer look into the bible, one would come to think that Esau gezond the description better than Cain.

Esau wasgoed the son of Isaac and the twin brother to Jacob. Isaac wasgoed the son of Abraham. Before Esau and Jacob were born, it wasgoed prophesied that the elder shall serve the junior. The Lord had told Rebekah that she wasgoed carrying twins, two nations and two manner of people. One shall be stronger than the other. When Esau wasgoed born, he came out crimson, like he wasgoed covered te a hairy garment. Jacob came next holding on the Esau’s intact. Esau became a hunter while Jacob tended to the fields. Isaac favored Esau while Rebekah favored Jacob.

Here is the where the story gets interesting.

Te those days, the eldest son inherited everything from the father. When it came time for Esau to rechtsvordering his inheritance, he wasgoed tricked out of it by Jacob, with the help of Rebekah.

Ter order to pass Jacob off to his vensterluik father spil his brother, he wasgoed very first covered ter goat’s skin and hair. Then his mother helped him cook up venison and lentils how his father liked it. When he confronted his father, he pretended to be Esau claiming Esau’s birthright spil his own. Esau distraught overheen the news cried to his father ter a bitter sob and many voorkoop that this is the sound that people hear when they are confronted by Bigfoot.

So, to make a long story a little shorter, there are scholars that believe that Bigfoot is human named Esau that began the bloodline of what wij call Bigfoot. Esau wasgoed a mountain dweller that ate meat and lentils, blubbering a bitter sob. He had amazing strength, were tall and hairy, with a bad smell. Thus resembling an Ape. (For those that are nosey for more information, the story of Esau and Jacob can be found ter Genesis 25:20-30,34, Genesis 27:16,22-27)

I still sit here te awe. sniggering. please tell mij what you think. is Bigfoot a descendant of Cain or Esau? Or. none of the above. I truly want to know what you think.

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