How to Use and Activate Globe Micro Sim for ipad Two and Trio

How to Use and Activate Globe Micro Sim for ipad Two and Trio

This hub is about how to activate and use Globe micro sim for the ipad Two and Trio. I mentioned Trio ter advance because I’m gonna add it here anyway. When you don’t have a wifi, 3G network and 4G network is an amazing alternative especially while you’re on the road, or ter a remote area. For Globe prepaid and postpaid subscribers, there are Two ways on how to set the APN of the fresh ipad Two to run the 3G and 4G network. Know them here.

So you are smiling like crazy and excited while unboxing your fresh ipad Two with wifi and 3G or ipad Trio with wifi and 4G. Yeah you chose the latter because you knew you’re not always surrounded by wifi. And you are someone who is always on the go…camping, traveling sometimes planking. (laughs) Turning on your fresh snufje, you klapper the internet already. How you are loving Safari so much but then it says, connection failed. And you realize you don’t have a wifi at huis. Not a problem, that’s why you bought the ipad Two with 3G te the very first place or ipad Trio with 4G recently if you are so hip.

Very first let mij tell you what you need to connect to the internet without wifi using your ipad 3g or ipad 4g. You’ll need a Globe micro sim. This is gonna be your best friend. Micro sim is different from the usual sim cards used to mobile phones. It’s micro and designed for tablets like that of the ipad Two. Some people however cut their sim cards to getraind the sim tray of the ipad Two 3G or ipad Three 4G. For postpaid subscribers I think they give it for free. How much is the Globe micro sim? I bought mine just for 40 pesos. It’s Globe Tattoo microsim and can be used for call, text and internet. How cool! Instead of cutting your sim cards, why not buy a micro sim and use it to your ipad or iphone Four right?

By the way, Globe is suggesting an ipad 3G project of 999 with micro sim for postpaid. You will be having unlimited internet. Your 3G network is active all via the project which expires after Two years just like any other postpaid project. But if you don’t choose that, here are the ways on how to set your APN settings to keep your ipad 3G running and connecting to the internet. I know when ipad Trio is released here ter the Philippines, Globe will undoubtedly suggest pliable plans for the ipad Three with 4G too. And ipad Two will be so lower te price for that matter.

How to activate 3G on the ipad Two:

There are Two ways on how to activate your 4G and 3G te your ipad using Globe microsim.

  1. Turn off Wi-fi before browsing using the Micro Sim (tapkast Wifi menukaart and turn it OFF)
  2. Tapkast Settings
  3. Tapkast Reset then tapkast Reset Network Settings
  4. Tapkast Cellular Gegevens
  5. Tapkast APN (Access Point Name)
  6. Type the following te the opbergruimte
  • (for postpaid)
  • (for prepaid)

It’s also the same spil how to activate 4G ter the ipad Three.

Please recall that you have to repeat the steps every time you liquidate the sim from the tray. For prepaid users, there are PowerSurf services available to have unlimited internet browsing vanaf day, or week or just use your regular explosion which consumes P5 vanaf 15 minutes of surfing the web. If you want unlimited internet using 3G, bite the project 999 for ipad 3g.

Another way on how to activate the settings of ipad Two 3G is by downloading the Globe App for ipad. It’s available via itunes of course. There is also Globe App for iphone users. When you have the Globe App, you can activate your 3G network, check your stream movimiento, and do other services available for Globe users.

How to Explosion your Globe MicroSim for ipad Two and ipad Trio

This article explains the different and effortless ways on how to stream and reload your Globe MicroSim to be used ter the ipad when browsing the internet.

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