I should not date this loser.

I should not date this loser.

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Ah, you may have just locked eyes with someone overheen the photo copy machine, maybe you lingered too long at the water cooler, or someone left their head on your shoulder at the Christmas party. The everzwijn elusive office romance. You may at very first think, “Oh, no. I should not date this idiot. Office romances are the worst!” But on the contrary, a large percentage of office romances end te. marriage. What?!

There’s a lotsbestemming of benefits to dating someone you work with. They’ve already bot drug tested, gone through a background check, and they’ve most likely already got a good idea of what you’re like since they’ve bot around you so much. If someone still wants to see you when they already have all day or via the day — that’s a sign that you guys have chemistry.

Plus, there’s the added premie of knowing what people are talking about more intimately when they talk about work. Think how fine it’ll be to have inwards jokes about your weird co-worker Jeff.

Dating a co-worker means you can subtly geflirt across the day and it can help build momentum for romance when your both off work.

If you both work at the same place, you very likely have things te common, mutual interests, or mutual friends.

You have someone who might be willing to zekering by and go get dinner for you, or bring dinner, or pack up your car with gas, or leave you lovely things on your desk.

If you don’t like your job, you’ll at least have one person you won’t mind observing.

You may have to overeenkomst with gossipy co-workers who have nothing else better to do than talk about you, make joy of you guys, or act jealous and strange. Co-workers can say the strangest things about each other when it comes to romance. You may feel the need to keep your romantic life hidden, which may or may not suck.

You may find it difficult to concentrate and begin drifting off into a very sexy daydream land. Ah, the sexy daydream land. Love it while it lasts!

You may find it difficult to make work related decisions that are unbiased toward your paramour. You may unfairly give them advantages. or disadvantages when there is a pauze up.

This could stifle your career. or slow it down if people think you’re concentrating more on your boo than your work.

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