It is a plain equation: Ask +Believe = Receive.

It is a plain equation: Ask +Believe = Receive.

&quot,Do You Think That Wasgoed A Sign?&quot,

Very first and foremost. YES it wasgoed a sign. The Universe supplies us with an infinite amount of signs daily wij just need to waterput on the onberispelijk pair of glasses to ‘see’ them. If you are wondering about the usage of the word Universe I can make it lighter. Heer/Queen, Source, or Spirit. Call it what you will it is all the same. Wij live te beautiful ter synchronicity with the life force that is the Source of all living things.

I know wij have all heard there are no such things spil ‘coincidences’ it’s kleintje of elegant and clichГ© at this point. However, a truism. Look at the world around us. Is it a coincidence that wij have seasons? Is it a coincidence that plant life recycles? Is it a coincidence that a child can be created from something wij can’t even see? Is it a coincidence that EVERYTHING is made up of energy? Hmmmmmmmm, not likely.


Wij have all have experienced signs. I doubt very there is a living soul who has not thought of someone and the phone rang, bumped into an old friend who helped them get a job, met someone te a restaurant who told you just what you ‘needed’ to hear, or thought of someone and there they were. There are tons of thesis things working ter our lives daily. If you indeed zekering and look at how life actually works you would be amazed at how finely tuned it actually is.

What I am here to tell you is that YOU can work with the signs and not just sit and wait for a sign to voorstelling up and then not know what to do with it.

If YOU think it is a sign, it is. There is a difference inbetween just observing something and eyeing something ‘knowing’ it wasgoed meant to be there for you. You will know this if you are open. The KEY is be open to the possibilities and it will be wondrous what you actually see.

Now, there is a pesky little thing called “2nd Thought (ST).” ST is the enemy of the sign. ST is the logical part of our brains that undermines the sign. Very first rule of thumb, “go with your very first thought-not the 2nd.” There are occasions where logical thought is warranted. For example, not everything is a sign. If you are driving and you see a billboard that says “May is here,so begin the Spring right.” if you are thinking of your friend Margaret and think wow maybe the M on the sign means I should call Margaret. I’m thinking no. However, if your friend’s name is May and you were thinking I toevluchthaven’t talked to May te a while I wonder if I should call hier and then see the bill houtvezelplaat I’m thinking yes.

The radiodifusión is a good place for signs. I get phat signs on the radiodifusión. Someone I loved very much died (te my arms-another Hub) and she reaches mij via songs all the time. Wij went to a David Bowie muziekstuk overheen 25 years ago. Wij loved Bowie and that wasgoed one of our “things”. Now Bowie, spil much spil I LOVE him, is not at the height of his career now. He is not all overheen the radiodifusión like say Lady GA-GA. I can think of hier and tell hier to give mij a Bowie song and almost on directive it is there. I will get a ‘vibe’ to turn on the radiodifusión and there he is. It happens so much that it defies the laws of probability. Merienda it wasgoed Five times te 24 hours. I wasgoed scanning the TV the other night and something said zekering on this channel. Well, it wasgoed nothing I wished to observe but I followed my intuition. Within no time David Bowie wasgoed on. I have not seen him on TV te very likely 12 years or more. Innumerable practices like thesis.

Wait, I just took a pauze form writing this Hub for a few days and this is what happened yesterday. I wasgoed walking thinking about my friend and I looked up and there wasgoed a parked car with the license plate telling “IM HERE.” I thought I wonder if this is you. I crossed the street and went into a deli and David Bowie FAME began playing!

Pennies are our little gifts from the other side. I asked The Universe the other day, “If I am on the right track send mij a penny right away. With ter 1/Two hour ter the dark I spotted a shinny penny te the middle of a parking loterijlot with on coming cars. I stopped and got the penny.

Commercials and TV shows are also a means for signs to be brought forward. If you are thinking clearly about something you may hear a line on a TV display or commercial that answers your question. I know someone who wasgoed pondering deeply what she wasgoed supposed to do next and where to look. Spil she thought that a line on a TV display said, “To find what is truly efectivo you may have to look at the unreal.” I also, know someone who wasgoed te a grocery store and thinking about hier loved one and said to herself I wonder if you everzwijn talk to mij and at that uur the song on radiodifusión said “I’m talking to you.”

Feathers are another way our loved ones attempt to reach us. I have personally asked for a feather to be introduced to mij within 24 hours. Withing 6 hours I wasgoed te a mall parking loterijlot nowhere near any “nature” and a large quill type feather wasgoed at my feet.

Signs are can be very specific to the individual. Very much like my David Bowie you may have certain words, songs, smells, feelings that occur. Always go with your very first thought. Reminisce ST will always be there to tell you “oh no it wasgoed just a coincidence.” Trust mij what I have seen defies all laws of probability.

Working With The Universe to Achieve Signs and Help

Schepper/The Universe wants us to be blessed. Maker does not want unhappiness. The notion of poverty,chastity, etc never truly worked. Think about it what zuigeling of “all loving presence” wants you to be poor and fight? There is an abundance of happiness for us wij just have to trust and believe. It is a plain equation: Ask +Believe = Receive. The forward component is Gratitude. Sounds elementary but at the same time hard to do. Asking is effortless, believing less effortless, receiving effortless with a twist. The twist is being open to receive your sign. I am famous for studying this, practising this and yet the hardest thing for mij to do is receive. I am always telling well maybe but I’m not sure. This is a ensure to NOT get the sign. I asked for one yesterday. I indeed felt I knew the reaction but wasgoed asking for ‘back up’. I wasgoed jumpy I would not see the sign, this does not vertoning believing. I did not see the sign I asked for. That can be the sign, no sign. However, by mij having lack of belief waterput the message out there that I indeed didn’t want it.

The word FLOW is often used to describe being open to the Universe. This simply means permitting without doubt. VERY hard. Wij spil humans have the knee wank reaction to control. Being te flow is effortless when things are good. Being te flow when things are not so good very hard. If wij are attempting to control a situation then wij feel active and dispersed at the same time which permits us ter a way to avoid just “being”. Just being is where you have to be to work with signs. Just be and observe and then you indeed learn.

The Key To The Universe

Step By Step

You have the capability to talk to Maker/The Universe any time and should. If you are interested te working with signs and watching how you can communicate there are a few clear ways to do it.

1. Find a relaxed and quiet spot (same spot every time).

Two. Unwind (light a candle, play soft music, meditate)

Trio. With a clear mind think of the question you want answered. Write it down. While writing it down concentrate on the question, indeed press down on the paper. Easiest to ask a yes or no question.

a.You can ask for a specific sign or a militar sign and a time limit. Be VERY clear with your question. No reserve words. For example, “Give mij a clear sign of a feather, ter 24 hours that it is a good idea to travel by plane on June 1st 2010 to Fresh Mexico. Thank you Heerser!” Now if you were to ask it like this “Give mij a clear sign of a feather, te 24 hours that it is a good idea for mij to take a excursion. Thank you Aker.” That is way too vague. Recall no sign is a sign.

Four. Repeat the question out noisy or ter your head with no other distracting thoughts.

Five. Unwind and visualize you getting your sign and experiencing what you asked for. Feel all emotions affixed to it. Use all your senses to truly lock ter the practice. Also, picture what it would be like to not get your sign and be fine with that. If you can not do that don’t ask for that sign. Thank Heerser for the sign.

6. Keep a journal with all your signs and write where and when you get them. You will see how amazing it is and how it works.


Signs can come to us te many ways and te many forms. Schepper/The Universe sends us signs daily whether wij ask for them or not. Wij are guided with that little voice wij hear or something will speelgoedpop out of seemly no where. Our deceased loved ones are another way wij receive signs. I believe they want us to know they are always around and attempt very hard to get our attention. Signs will increase spil wij are able to aline with the flow of The Universe. It is spil if the more wij get the more wij get. Schepper can’t reach us spil lightly if wij are blocked by emotions, control or lack of faith.

Next time you see that penny pick it up and I bet another comes along very soon. Attempt it.

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