Leo Woman and Sagittarius Man

Leo Woman and Sagittarius Man

Leo woman and Sagittarius man can get on rather well te most cases. It’s a good fire-fire match and fares better than some other fire-fire matches I can think of. But spil with any combination, there could be issues and it’s helpful to know thesis beforehand. Leo woman is a charming leader and Sagittarius, while not a leader vanaf se, isn’t truly much of a follower — tho’ he can go with the flow lightly enough. The trouble that may arise is te his inability to adore the queen of the oerwoud when she’s ter the mood to be worshiped. Read on for more on this duo!

Leo Woman

Leo woman is sexy, stijlvol, graceful and magnetic. Everyone adores hier and Sagittarius man is no exception. He’ll flatter hier (spil long spil it’s truthful — Sagittarius man is generally too blunt to bother with a lie) till the cows come huis and she’ll love every minute of it. He’ll also admire hier for being admired by everyone else, and he’ll remark on it ter such a way that she wants to hear him say it again and again. She will love his talent for clowning around and livening the situation up, and she’ll like his sense of humor. She will not, however, love his unwillingness to cater to hier every caprice when the fad arises. And more than that, he’ll go so far spil to point out she’s expecting too much and should grow up. This could lead to some serious bickering and Sagittarius can be far more stubborn te his opinions than Leo woman may realize.

Sagittarius Man

Sagittarius man is warm and friendly, just like Leo woman. This is part of why they gel so well together. And he has no qualms with admiring hier openly. But there are times when he feels used by hier requests — however to be fair Leo woman doesn’t intend it this way, she’s simply used to people *wanting* to go after hier every quirk! — and will react strongly and rigidly. He may even get parental te an attempt to train hier a valuable life lesson. What’s worse, he won’t hesitate to do this te gevelbreedte of hier friends if he thinks she’d benefit! And let mij assure you, Leo woman will not react well to chastising of any zuigeling, let alone the public diversity!

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