8 Games Like Habbo – Online Imaginario Worlds

8 Games Like Habbo – Online Imaginario Worlds

8 Games Like Habbo – Online Potencial Worlds For Kids and Teenagers

Are you looking for a spel like Habbo Hotel? There are slew of good free online alternatives Habbo that each suggest their own unique themes and gameplay.

Habbo is a popular social network and hangout for (mostly) teenagers. Habbo has bot around since 2000 and has rapidly grown into a thriving community that boasts users te overheen 150 countries with overheen 200 million created avatars.

This collection of games like Habbo features other popular social networks for teenagers with some suggesting a more spel than talk orientated practice. Regardless of your preference you will find a spel like Habbo for you on this pagina.

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Be sure to zekering by our comment section and let us know about your favourite spel or be sure to share any games like Habbo that I have missed.

Games Like Habbo

Popular Social Websites & Games

1 – IMVU

Another Good Spel Like Habbo

IMVU is another popular social webstek where users interact with customisable 3D avatars. IMVU also features a diversity of games (across a diversity of genres) with fresh ones being added on a regularly fundament.

With overheen 50 million registered accounts IMVU stands spil one of the most popular social network/gaming websites like Habbo. One of the unique features of IMVU is the capability for users to vormgeving their own content (mostly clothing and accessories). This content can then be sold to other members through the IMVU catalogue.

Whether you want to meet fresh people, play games or vormgeving your own clothing IMVU has it all. IMVU is free to play but does opoffering premium features through IMVU credits.

IMVU Gameplay

Two – Lady Popular

A Popular Social Spel Like Habbo

Lady Popular has a slightly stronger concentrate on style than Habbo but still features the social features and community size that Habbo ventilatoren have come to know and love. Lady Popular is aimed at a junior audience (7-15) so older teenagers may not find Lady Popular to be the spel like Habbo for them.

Lady Popular is split into a multiplicity of rooms and locations which players are free to explore, with each area being distinctly unique from each other. Other spel features of Lady Popular include lots of customisation, style kampplaats duels and so much more.

For style orientated ventilatoren of potencial worlds Lady Popular is certainly the best option around.

Lady Popular Promo

Three – Fantage

A Spel Like Habbo For Ages 6 To 16

Fantage is a massive aparente world that features a combination of social features and a range of games just like Habbo Hotel offers.

Players create their own cartoon style altibajo that can be customised from head to toe with accessories, clothes and various hair styles. Fantage has grown quickly since its discreet beginnings ter 2008 and now boasts overheen 15million registered accounts.

When users very first register for Fantage they are given a basic huis that they may decorate spil they see getraind, this house can also be opened up to friends and the community. Other features include mini-games (including multiplayer), pets, style shows and a number of social features including parties and a 200 max acquaintance list.

Fantage Gameplay

Four – Planet Calypso

A 3D Posible Spel Like Habbo That Mixes Social & Gaming

Planet Calypso features a fully 3D supuesto world to explore and is certainly one of the best games like Habbo available if you want more than just a place to string up out. Ter Planet Calypso you’ll be able to create an entire life for yourself spil your thrown into an entire world of escapade.

What you do with this vast spel world is totally up to you, from socialising with the thousands of other players to earning an income from questing, crafting and hunting or one of the many other spel activities.

Similar to 2nd Life every chunk of ter spel currency that you earn can be converted into efectivo life dollars, making the spel a popular side income for some players who advance to the higher portions of the spel. While there is slew of complexity the mix of social and gaming cannot be hammered and well worth the time investment if you want something different.

Planet Calypso Introduction

Five – Animal Jam

A Spel Like Habbo That Lets You Detect & Socialise

Animal Jam is a existente world themed MMO designed for tweens and teenagers that offers similar social features to Habbo but has a larger emphasis on mini games, discovery and creativity.

Playable te your browse Animal Jam is volmaakt for people who don’t want to have to download anything but still get a loterijlot of features. With dozens upon dozens of mini games for you to play with other people that you meet along the way and a number of different world cultures to detect there is lots to do te Animal Jam spil you go after a youthfull adventurer to detect the mysteries of our own world.

Not only can you make friends ter the universe of Animal Jam but you’ll learn a little more about the world wij live ter while also customising a individual slagroom and vicisitud.

Welcome to Animal Jam

6 – OurWorld

A Popular Social Practice Like Habbo

OurWorld is a popular social networking webstek and also features some social gaming aspects. OurWorld is massively popular receiving overheen a million posts a day with almost Ten million unique visitors every month.

Users of OurWorld communicate through a customisable alteraciĆ³n. Thesis can be powerfully customised and can be very unique to create something that screams your style of style. Accessories for avatars can be purchased with one of of the spel currencies available

OurWorld features slew of webpagina broad events and features a friendly and active community. Gaia also offers user guilds, houses, achievements and a battle kampplaats.

OurWorld Gameplay

7 – Fishao

Crate Your Own Fishing Escapade Te This Spel Like Habbo

Fishao is a excellent practice for Habbo ventilatoren who still want the social practice of their favourite browser based hangout but also want a more gaming orientated practice. Fishao is the ideal recuento for this by suggesting a fine community mixed with elementary fishing orientated gameplay.

Exploring the world of Fishao you’ll get the chance to create and nurture your own customisable altibajo while you contant fish ter the various bods of water te the spel world. While players need not engage te this portion of the spel the catch them all treatment adds an reserve layer to social gameplay spil you compare latest catches and hot fishing locations.

Fishao Gameplay Trailer

8 – Club Cooee

A More Mature Spel Like Habbo

If you are a looking for a spel like Habbo because you have outgrown it then Club Cooee is a superb option. It offers unique features and a massive spel world to explore. Club Cooee has endless possibilities most of which will appeal to a more older demographic of players.

Club Cooee has bot online for a number of years and has quickly grown to be the most popular social hangout for older demographics. The spel features a total 3D environment and permits players both the option to build their own areas or visit areas created by others.

With a hefty range of customisation and talk options Club Cooee is a spel that you can play for a long time spil you create your own persona and make fresh friends.

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