A word to the wise is usually sufficient.

A word to the wise is usually sufficient.

Peg earned a BA Degree at UTD and a Master’s Certificate ter Project Mgmt. She managed multi-million dollar telecom projects across the U.S.

Peeping Tom

That Dreaded Call

People like to share things online especially now ter the age of social networking. Sometimes posting too much information about yourself or your children can be dangerous.

Whenever there’s a problem, I usually hear about it on my phone. Today wasgoed no exception. When the caller explained that she wasgoed a Sergeant from the Sheriff’s Department Burglary and Theft Division, I wasgoed instantaneously worried.

The officer asked mij to confirm a number on an active, state issued license I’ve held for a number of years. The number sounded fairly llano but I checked my files to be sure. When I asked why the question came up, the officer explained that someone had used my license to create a fake license for themselves. I remembered exactly where the pic had bot posted. Instantaneously, I began to worry what else I may have collective that now I wish I hadn’t.

Who is Looking?

The officer asked mij to confirm my address and to provide my date of birth. By this time, considering the information she’d told mij earlier, I wasgoed already te a state of high attent. I asked why she needed to know my birth date.

“Ter order to verkeersopstopping a criminal case with the District Attorney,” she answered.

I asked hier to have patience with my fresh reluctance to give out that information, having just bot enlightened to the identity theft of my license. She understood entirely and suggested to give mij the main number to the Police so I could call hier back and confirm that she wasgoed who she claimed to be.

Wij suspended up and I dialed the number she talent mij. Someone answered the phone, “Financial Crimes Division”. When I asked for the officer whose name I’d bot given, I wasgoed instantaneously connected and I recognized hier voice

The officer asked if I would be willing to pursue criminal charges against the person te question. I hesitated for a ogenblik before I reluctantly agreed. She said the case would be filed with the District Attorney who will most likely go after up and ask mij for extra information.

Zometeen, I began to question the fact that I talent out my date of birth to some stranger on the phone and I began to scare. I looked up the number for the Police Department online. This talent mij more reason to be worried. It wasn’t the number I’d bot given.

Diferente Birth Certificate

The webstek that came up spil a result of typing te the phone number pinpointed a location ter Houston. But when I read further under the Google Search, I witnessed the name of a foreign country associated with the number. This made mij indeed jumpy.

Looking up the main number for the area police, I came across a broad multiplicity of departments dealing with different crimes including homicide. Eventually, I found a listig to the main number and got through to a helpful person named Courtney, who said they had no such officer ter their list of that division. My heart rate began to accelerate spil I explained my situation.

She told mij that their case numbers were fairly different from the one I’d bot given by the very first caller who said she wasgoed an officer. Spil I explained the conversation wij’d had, Courtney realized that it wasgoed a different division that had called mij. She talent mij another number that would connect mij with the main line for the zindelijk agency.

Peak of the Week about Photos Taken with Phones

After a few minutes of being on hold with that number, a voice mail recording played. How is it even possible for a call to go to a recording when you call the police? I frantically dialed a different number on the webstek spil I furiously searched to find the right department.

Eventually, I wasgoed connected and found out they do have a Sergeant with the same name spil the flamante officer who very first called mij. The receptionist wished to connect mij instantaneously, but I begged hier to response some questions before she transferred the call.

Think Before You Postbode

The officer wasgoed the one to whom I’d primarily spoken. After apologizing profusely, I told hier that at this point I wasgoed getting enormously paranoid about having given out my private information ter addition to the photo that commenced the entire scene.

She reassured mij that she wasgoed legitimate and understood my concern. She advised mij to be omzichtig and check my credit report to confirm that no suspicious activity had transpired. I wasgoed told that this person who took my license number without my permission and used it ter a false manner had tampered with a Government document and that this is most certainly a crime.

Google Pictures Saves Your Photo

At this point, I’m very worried by some of the postings I’ve seen on Facebook and other social media sites, where family members have collective private information unwittingly, that can be used ter a nefarious manner. I’ve seen pictures of children’s report cards, including their teacher’s names, their schoolgebouw name and even the precies birthdays of the children.

The phone call today has awakened mij to the negative aspects of posting too much information on line. It wasgoed truly a wake up call for mij.

Postbode Photos that Don’t Expose Too Much Informatie

Have you had your copyrighted material or photos stolen?

Several months ago, I wrote a hub about the penalties of performing services without having a zindelijk license. To illustrate the article, I added a picture of my license. That wasgoed obviously a bad budge, of course, hindsight is always tooled with twenty-twenty vision.

I searched for the pic on Google and located it instantly, along with a dozen or so other people who, proud of their accomplishment of having finished the curriculum, had posted their pictures also. I sent an email to the Hub Team who assisted mij ter removing the pic from the Google cache since they were the flagrante hosting webpagina.

Similar to when you buy a fresh car, you begin observing more of that prototype on the road than everzwijn before. At this point, I’m noticing a lotsbestemming of postings where people have pridefully collective their private information, like I did, without a concern about how this might be used to our disadvantage.

A word to the wise is usually sufficient. If I may be so bold, I caution each writer out there, whether it is on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Blogspot, PersonaPaper or whatever sites you frequent, use caution when it comes to your pictures.

The photo you postbode may be used against you or to substitute you or fairly possibly, to stalk you.

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