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Avid reader.

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I am an: Animal paramour. Avid reader. Photographer. Jewelry maker. Movie paramour. Hubpages author.

Collector of pins (have many Disney pins), arm and tote bags, books, comfy footwear and slok glasses.

A Vocational Support Specialist (determined to give us a fresh title – used to be aka Job Coach), with a Bachelors te Social Work, on a mission to help those with disabilities to conquer poverty and to increase their well being.

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Lade Charrette French & Indian Trading Postbode

Lade Charrette French & Indian Trading Postbode is located te Washington, Missouri. One voorwaarde call to set up a tour.

Significant things to look for te a romantic playmate

The serious things that I need to look for ter finding the last love of my life.

Job Coaching te Missouri

Switches from when I began job coaching until now.

Tupper Lake, NY, Adirondacks

Another place of my childhood.

Notre Lady den Bois, Canada

Places that I have visited ter Canada.

A Peek of Love

Poem written to someone who might give up on love. I don’t want that. He is worth to be loved.

Cope: The Battle

Just reaching out to people with anxiety. Just like mij.


Life with an overheen thinker.

Studs and the Empathic Woman

Can dudes treat the challenge of loving an empath.

The working relations inbetween the Sociopath and Apath

How the Sociopath and Apathetic work together to trapje an empath

Comparisons inbetween Spirituality and Religion

Defining Spirituality and Religion, and why they do not mean the same thing.

Definition of a Functional Romantic Relationship

All about having a healthy romantic relationship. Is it even possible? Te today’s society, I would want someone loyal. Wij all need love. NK

Huis of Mark Twain – Hannibal, Missouri

Tour to a historic place for a family reunion – created superb memories.

White Supremacy – Concentrates on collegium campuses

Ter a hard copy publication, they had an article called: &quot,White supremacists are recruiting like crazy on collegium campuses.&quot, My hope is that this article will end white supremacy merienda and for all.

Noticing Empath Characteristics

After learning about my Cherokee DNA, I embarked reading about Empaths. I am finta fascinated by what I have read, so I thought it would be a good topic to write about.

The American Joke of Donald Trump Brings Concentrate to Elected Canadian Leader Justin Trudeau

Wij all know Donald Trump needs lessons despairingly. I had hoped that he could learn from elected North American leader, Justin Trudeau. Doesn’t look likely.

Movie Assessments

Some of my most latest viewings of movies that I have liked, despite the fact that some Republicans have banned Hollywood from their huis.

What created this Demócrata

The life practices that keep mij Socialdemócrata

Relationship Lessons To Learn

Most relationships come down to elementary trust. A person that you mistakenly let te. They turn out to be the opposite of what they projected to you. Which is a giant let down.

Duo Resolutions

Making a ‘go at attempting to do things differently the 2nd time around.

My Cherokee Heritage and Militar Cherokee History

Finding out that European dudes married Cherokee women waterput Cherokee blood ter my line. Of course, spil dark spil my hair is, people could see why. What other traits go with the Cherokee Heritage?

Characteristics of a Good Boy

After my divorce, my psychologist told mij to make a list of characteristics of my volmaakt mate.

Proud to be a social worker

The National Association of Social Workers group makes a statement on Trump election, and I couldn’t be more satisfied that they did.

Four Lenses: Four Temperament Discovery

Four Lenses Personality Test, is something that I got to work with when I did my internship at Fresh Sea Air Station te Jacksonville, North Carolina. Oh, the things I learned.

Montreal geobsedeerd on pit bulls

Not all pit bulls are perverse. This just makes mij sad. Because my father is from Quebec and I spent so many summers ter Montreal. I have a Laboratorium/American Staffordshire Terrier, who never attacked anyone.

The positive things social workers do

People always associate social workers with taking people’s children away, and it isn’t about that at all. There is so much more.

Generalized Anxiety Disorder: Can it switch to PTSD?

Postbode traumatic stress disorder is not only for military service members te combat. Actually, more women than studs tend to get it.

Raising an ADHD hubby

Te my very first marriage, I found that my hubby’s behavior wasgoed not fairly right. Then, his mother wasgoed diagnosed with ADHD and Bipolar disorder, and things commenced clicking.

Humanity: A kleuter stranger

Contemporáneo acts of goodness from strangers, that I have gotten the chance to practice very first forearm and some experienced by others.

My journey through Soul Harm recovery

I heard about ‘soul harm’ from my attorney, spil he discussed it, many things rang true. Soul harm is passed on through families.

Attitude: Your Most Priceless Possession

I picked up this book from the Good Will store. (I’m not kidding.) Issues that may suck the positive attitude right out of you, and that you need to know thesis vampires and limit them from your life.

Adoptive Parental Blessings

Some get the blessings of being a parent, & some don’t. No life is the same. Which is why people should not judge people by who they vote for. Everyone has to do what they have to do for their life.

Thank you for Obama Care

Obama care has bot a life saver for mij.

Normalizing disabilities with the help of the famous

Disabled actors are being shown on television more and more, and oh how refreshing it is, spil well spil other disabled famous people.

Social Work: Past and Present

Part of Social Work education had to overeenkomst with the history of the profession. Research has shown a few celebrities that used to be social workers, spil well spil a few undercover social work celebrities

Metal Deficiency Anemia

Another medical punt has reared it’s ugly head. Nothing fresh! However, do I want to fight this kwestie again?? IDK. Nothing to fight for.

Strong Woman Revival

Moving on – making your own choices – Choose your emotions – Don’t react

My Journey Through Female Role Models

Women that I have come across te my career. They are fascinating, and things that I shall live te my own life. (No names will be used.)

Heuvelton, Fresh York: Two different cultures reside

High Schoolgebouw Graduation te Amish Country

Sam Walton/Walmart Trivia

Just some joy facts about Wal-Mart and some of their affiliates.

Driving Etiquette

I need to vent about truckers who feel they own the road. Truckers need to worry about their haul, and the little people on the road.

Sleep Patterns

Things that could keep you awake, steps to fall asleep quicker, and Natural remedies you should attempt before you attempt over-the-counter sleep aids.

Liberating success stories

An adoption took place because they could not have children of their own, and the father had bot married before, so had biological children of his own. However, he created another family.

History of Daniel Boone

Daniel Boone traveled much te his time. It is funny that I have bot to many places that Daniel Boone did. He wasgoed a woodsmen, just like my own Grandfathers.

History of Charlesbourg – Quebec

Where my fine x Ten or 11 grandfather migrated and died, and where my paternal grandfather wasgoed born. Therefore, there were 400 years worth of Roy’s that were born here.

What can you do with a degree ter Social Work

Here is a broad overview of what you can do with a social work degree.

Drugs ter the workplace

Employers should proceed random drug testing because there is no slagroom for drugs te the workplace.

Jewelry Classes at Michael’s

Have time on your palms? They opoffering FREE beginner classes, and advanced jewelry making classes for $15 and $25, at Michael’s.

Help Yourself begin overheen

Thanks to Dave Pelzer’s book, Help Yourself, (and who also wrote, &quot,A Child Called It&quot,, &quot,The Lost Boy,&quot, and &quot,A Man Named Dave&quot,) I embarked my own journey to a fresh life.

Epilepsy – Debilitating for Some, Not for Others

Living with Epilepsy, from schoolgebouw age, through puberty, the reproductive years, the stages of my children, to my current age of 45 te June.

Genealogy: A Famous Canadian Dynasty

Imagine the possibilities ter your family history that brings amazing connections to your present. I very recommend www.ancestry.com and www.23andme.com

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