Chief Nampa, America’s Most Famous Native American.

Chief Nampa, America’s Most Famous Native American.

The Trail of Tears.

1839 wasgoed a bad year for the Archer Wilkinson family. The Wilkinson’s had to budge. Their entire community wasgoed compelled to leave and travel from the Carolinas to Oklahoma, primarily on foot. They called their journey to the reservation the Trail of Tears. Their son Starr wasgoed just a zuigeling. Archer himself wasgoed white but his wifey wasgoed half Cherokee and half black. It didn’t matter, they too had to go.

There were large protests across the entire nation, not just the Cherokee’s but people of all races and station of life protested the relocation of the civilized tribes to Oklahoma. But wij know how history played out.

The Trail of Tears included Cherokee, Choctaw, Seminole, Creek, and Chickasaw Tribes.

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Wilkinson Grows Up

Starr Wilkinson grew to be an unusually large man. His almost seven-foot-tall framework “stilted” around on Legitimate inch feet. He measured six-feet-around at the chest. Wij don’t know what Starr Wilkinson ate on the reservation while growing up, but surely he ate it from the top of the stack.

Like many youthful boys who become of age, Starr left huis and set out to carve his own lump of the world. Many left the reservation because there wasgoed little chance there. They desired to work, live and raise a family like anyone else.

1856 St. Joseph, Missouri. The Oregon Trail

Wilkinson had wandered off the reservation and traveled North East picking up odd jobs. He stumbled into a wagon train leaving St. Joseph, Missouri heading for Oregon Territory. Wilkinson determined the Wild Westelijk sounded good and signed on to work the train. Before long, he wasgoed well accepted. He kept his hair brief, dressed like a white man, talked like a white man, and worked hard helping the train along its journey. Wilkinson soon found himself well liked and accepted by the pioneers.

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Will You Marry Mij?

Wilkinson seemed to impress everyone, especially one of the pioneer’s daughters amongst the many families of the train. Wilkinson liked the demonstrable but harmless attention, an occasional glance with a hidden smile suggested him by the youthfull admirer. The two began a cordial friendship that during the course of the excursion turned into a hot, wagon-burning secret-love-affair. Starr Wilkinson wasgoed ter love and determined to ask hier father for hier arm.

The wagon-train wasgoed now ter the surroundings of what wasgoed originally intended to be named Fresh Jerusalem, Idaho. Spil they unpacked for the evening, Starr approached the father of his betrothed and asked for hier palm ter marriage.

He made a slight miscalculation ter judgment. Starr found out, that while he wasgoed well accepted within the wagon train, it wasn’t spil well spil he had thought. Evidently, he had forgotten that he wasgoed still an “Indian” and the youthfull lady’s father had no problem putting Starr Wilkinson ter his place. His daughter would not be permitted to participate ter an interracial marriage with him.

I have to imagine how Wilkinson felt. Here is a man 7 feet tall, broad spil two people, staring down at some little pip-squeak telling him, how it is. Of course, everyone wasgoed pretty-much a pip-squeak to Wilkinson.

You Thought a White Lady Would Marry You?

While the father wasgoed more kleintje, another youthfull man named Hart also fancied the youthfull woman and resorted to taunting Wilkinson. He publicly abjected him, wanting to know how it wasgoed he thought a white-girl would love a big, dumb “half-breed”?

( Historical accounts state that Hart called Wilkinson various étnico slurs spil well. Being a half-breed Cherokee myself and having black nieces and nephews, I feel for Wilkinson and I don’t care to quote those words ter my writing. Likewise, the reader should know that Hart’s étnico comments contributed to the level of Wilkinson’s anger. )

Naturally, the youthfull woman turned on Wilkinson to save hier own reputation. She claimed hier rente ter Wilkinson wasgoed a gross misunderstanding on his part.

One would think that when someone is 7 feet tall and six feet round about the chest, the only stupid person is the one calling him hateful, racist names and taunting him. He wasgoed then told it would be best for him to leave from among them. Wilkinson left, but he carried inwards him the bite of étnico hatred and rejection.

Wilkinson traveled South to the Snake Sea. Somewhere inbetween the sea and the wagon train, Wilkinson’s searing rejection wasgoed more than he could mentally bear. Wilkinson wasgoed about to lose his composure ter a very big way. Spil he approached the sea, he spotted a party of Ten Shoshoni dudes camped there. They instantly hopped on their horses and rushed to attack him. Careful what you ask for.

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