Don’t like dogs?

Don’t like dogs?

Dear guys who have everzwijn posted a individual ad on Craigslist,

To be fair, I don’t even know where to begin. I guess a good way to start would be to ask what on Earth are you doing? Are you writing a private ad ter hopes of turning off the surplus of the female wedstrijd, because if so, congratulations. You’ve won!

On a more serious note, wij need to talk. about your grammar, your title choices, and undoubtedly about your included pictures (or often lack thereof) among a few other things. If you’re serious about finding a date through Craigslist, you’ve got to waterput your best foot forward and present yourself spil a suitable mate. However, with the dozens of horribly written individual ads that I find, you guys are just shooting yourself ter the foot.

I browse the Craigslist private ads every now and then when I have nothing else better to do. I’m not indeed looking for anyone te particular, I just look through the ads spil a source of entertainment, however if I were looking for someone then I’d be let down fully. So since I have to bear treacherousness individual ad after private ad, I’ve determined to throw together a few tips for you guys to go after ter order to make yourselves stand out more. If thesis tips don’t help you get at least a few emails from prospective women, then I’ll be astonished.

Choose a Good Title

The very first thing that women see when browsing through the individual ads on Craigslist are the titles, so it’s significant that you pick one that will grab their attention. and not te a bad way! Make sure that your punctuation, grammar, and capitalization are well done, and attempt to be witty if you can. Make yourself look good! Before I leave behind, please zekering writing your titles te all caudal letters. it’s annoying!

  • Single and Looking for the Right Woman =)
  • Witty, Sarcastic, Sexy, and Reliable — That’s Mij!
  • Looking for a Date to the Aerosmith Voorstelling on the 14th. Want to Go?
  • Everlasting Relationship Dreamed
  • a nice fellow
  • hey what’s up
  • looking for a sexxy women

I think it’s pretty clear why the top titles are good examples and why the bottom titles aren’t. Unluckily tho’, those bottom ones are 100% actual titles that I quickly just pulled from my espec√≠fico Craigslist listings. Gratefully the top ones are positivo too, at least!

Gravely . . .

While wij’re at it, zekering with the sexual stuff ter your ads! This isn’t the No Strings Linked section, so you indeed don’t have an excuse for looking for sexual favors. If you’re looking for a one night stand, look elsewhere.

Make it Your Own

Taking the same tips from above, when you’re writing your description, use zindelijk grammar, capitalization, and punctuation. Other than that, it’s significant that you attempt to reflect yourself te your writing the best that you can. Include activities that you like to do, beloved shows/movies/musicians, whether or not you have a job, your strengths and weaknesses, etc. Don’t just throw a few sentences out there and hope for the best.

Do you have any kids? Live at huis with your parents? Don’t like dogs? You should recall to add thesis facts and details into your ad, but attempt not to make your ad too long – there are some who like to write a book telling their entire life stories on Craigslist, and that indeed isn’t the way to go. Two or three brief paragraphs are just fine!


Possibly one of my fattest pet peeves with private ads on Craigslist would have to be the use of photos te private ads. Half the time there aren’t even photos, and a good portion of the other half of the time there are photos, but not of themselves (i.e. a picture of a mountain range or that sunset photo wij’ve all seen at least merienda ter our time online). It’s zonderling when wij see an ad with contempor√°neo photos of the person te question, and it’s even rarer when those photos are ge!

To make it clear, zekering with the stock photos or pictures that aren’t even of yourselves. The last thing us women want is to click on an ad that promises photos, only to see a picture of a smiley face with the words “your pic gets mine!” Instead, just don’t upload a photo altogether and save us the headache.

It’s true however, that ads with pictures are way more likely to get replies than ads without pictures, so including a few photos (of yourself) is always suggested. If you’re going to go this route, please please please zekering with the shirtless mirror pictures and the “I-just-took-this-picture-with-my-phone-and-i-look-angry-at-the-world” shots. Wij just think you look foolish and childish. Even more so, zekering with the naked pictures. Again, this isn’t Casual Encounters!

Attempt to add at least one utter figure slok picture and one head slok picture, te both of which you shouldn’t look spil if your mom made you sit on Santa’s poetslap and you’re meticulously pissed. Don’t be afraid to smile or add pictures of you being bimbo and doing what you love: women love it!

Also, no you cannot substitute flagrante photos of yourself with your car.

Good Example of a Successful Individual Ad

Single and Fresh to the Area, Looking for Someone to Get to Know!

Hi there, my name is Mike and I’m 26 years old. I’ve just moved to the Portland area about a month ago so I toevluchthaven’t truly had a chance to make any fresh friends yet, so I’m providing this a attempt. I’m ultimately looking for a lady that I could get to know and be friends with, and then zometeen on hopefully that turns into something more.

I’m a collegium graduate with a BS ter English and I presently work at Canap of America. I live alone with my dog Chip (a Scottish Terrier), but I usually have friends overheen. I’m not much of a homebody however I love to chill out te bloembed on the weekends and witness TV. Some of my beloved shows are Dexter, Weeds, and Law & Order. I also love snowboarding, hitting up the beach, and road trips. maybe wij could visit Seattle?

Te a female, I’m looking for someone who is patient, understanding, loves dogs, and has a excellent sense of humor. I’d like it if she had a job and a place of hier own, and could drape out with mij and the guys spil well. Ladies who love baseball are a plus!

Well I don’t want to make this too long, so please don’t hesitate to get te touch if I sound interesting at all!

That’s It

See? It indeed isn’t that hard to write a welgevoeglijk Craigslist postbode! Especially since I’ve laid out those tips and even the monster private ad for you to use spil your own beginning point. Now there indeed shouldn’t be any excuses spil to why I see poorly written private ads on Craigslist, and I hope to see a major improvement overheen the next few weeks. or at least an improvement at all!

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