I determined to stir ter for a talk, and investigate.

I determined to stir ter for a talk, and investigate.


This is the story of how I met a beautiful youthfull Thai folder female te Patong Beach, on the Island of Phuket ter Southern Thailand. I met the lovely Tukta one night out at The Shark Club, Phuket’s most popular nightclub. The Shark Club wasgoed always total of gorgeous youthfull Thai chicks, and it wasgoed a shame when they closed the place down . I wasgoed truly exited when I heard that the proprietor is opening a fresh club ter Brazil, I have already booked my tickets for the World Cup ter 2014.

The fresh club is ter Sao Paulo, and there are going to be quiebro a few matches there. I am indeed looking forward to Brazil, and when I heard that The Shark Club would open there, it wasgoed just another reason to get down there for the World Cup.

How I Met My Thai Gf

I walked into The Shark Club just after Ten o’clock, it wasgoed early, but spil it wasgoed on most nights, the club wasgoed already beginning to pack up. I ordered a mannetjesvarken from the drankbuffet, and then I scanned around for a place to sit. While I wasgoed looking around the club I spotted something that caught my eye. I noticed a youthful lady sitting away from the act, te the back of the slagroom. She wasgoed a sexy little thing, with a dark sunburn, sugary lips, a flawless figure and a gorgeous face, but this is not what had captured my rente. After all, there wasgoed never a shortage of attractive youthfull Thai women ter The Shark Club on any given night.

What I noticed about this damsel that set hier bijzonder hier from all the chicks dancing and jiggling their moneymakers on the dance floor, wasgoed that she wasgoed sitting at at table with two foreign kids ages about 10-12. I determined to stir ter for a talk, and investigate. I asked hier why she wasn’t out on the dance floor, and why she had brought hier kids out the club. She introduced herself spil “Tukta” and she told mij that she wasgoed looking after the children for their father who wasgoed a friend of hers. I wasgoed affected that she would be spending hier evening taking care of a duo kids, spil apposed to jiggling hier culo on the dance floor like all the tapkast damsels and hustlers that packed the club that night.

When I asked if I could get hier a drink, hier eyes lit up with excitement. She wasted no time te accepting my invitation, and wij began exchanging petite talk. During my very first year of living ter Thailand, spending time te caf, I noticed that Thai buffet damsels often feed customers a healthy serving of bullshit, a standard series of lies about who they are, where they come from, and what they are all about. The most common stories are that they are from Bangkok, they are just visiting a friend, and they go to university, when ter reality, they are from the rice fields of Northeastern Thailand, and they have bot working te a drankbuffet te Phuket for years.

Te order to entertain myself, I crafted individual bullshit story about where I wasgoed from and what I wasgoed all about. This would usually involve the use of my beloved zogenaamd “Bob”, an extravagant story about my individual wealth and my lovely private villa finish with hot bath and infinity pool. Tukta wasn’t naГЇve, she had bot around the block a few times and she could see right through the bullshit I wasgoed feeding hier just spil lightly spil I could see through the lies she wasgoed telling mij. Regardless, the two of us were actually fairly entertained by each others bullshit tales.

After wij liked a few hours of stimulating conversation overheen finta a few beers, I began to wonder where this wasgoed heading. I commenced to inquire about the children she wasgoed evidently responsible for. I wasgoed thinking that it wasgoed fairly evident that she wasgoed interested te mij, and I wasgoed certainly interested te hier, so I wished to know when wij could take the kids huis to their parents. Whenever I had attempted to hint about this, she avoided the conversation.

Just after 1AM, a middle aged dude walked off the dance floor and staggered overheen to our table, it wasgoed overduidelijk that he wasgoed likely the father of the two kids. He wasn’t glad to see mij, he talent mij a nasty glare, and he rather abruptly said “who the hell are you”? Before I had a chance to say anthing, he piped off again “what are you doing talking to my gf”? Spil you might imagine, I wasgoed a little caught off guard. I looked at Tukta, attempting to figure out what to do next? She attempted to assure mij that this stud wasgoed just a customer, and she wasn’t interested te spending anymore time with him.

It wasgoed then that I realized that She vereiste have arrived with him, spil his gf, but after he spent the entire night entertaining other women while she observed his kids, she determined she had had enough. I wasgoed unluckily te an awkward position, but I wasgoed far too toasted to give a shit. She wasgoed amazing, I wasgoed very attracted to hier, and I had truly liked hier company, and he seemed like an hoogmoedig asshole anyway.

After a comical exchange of unpleasantries inbetween the two of them, She and I hailed a taxi, and headed overheen the hill to my “private villa”(ter reality it wasgoed a petite modest house). When wij arrived at the house, Tukta wasgoed loaded, too inebriated to walk, so I had to carry hier on my shoulders “caveman style”. When wij walked te the vuurlijn onderbrak, she said ter a serious voice “where is the swimming pool”? I supposed she had remembered my bullshit story, and hoped that at least some of it might be true.

The next morning, she woke up early and cooked mij breakfast, spil she would do for the next few months. She wasgoed an amazing woman, she would wake up early every morning, cook and clean and do laundry, taking care of not only mij but any guests that would be staying with mij. Wij got along superb, and wij had a loterijlot of joy, the only problem wasgoed that every night when the zon went down, Tukta would commence to drink. When she wasgoed inebriated, the nasty tapkast doll attitude would shine through, and she wasgoed no longer the sweet guiltless little lady that I wasgoed so fond of.

The old telling had proven itself to be true merienda again “you can take a chick out of the folder, but you can NEVER take the folder out of the damsel”. This would prove to be too much for mij to treat, and after a few months I simply packed up and left, knowing that would be the only way. I think she understood, wij did remain friends for years afterwards, until she moved to Europe with hier fresh French fiancГ© and their newborn child. I still miss hier, and I would paramour to see hier again someday ..

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