I say not!

I say not!

I do love going to vermakelijkheid parks, but not with a large group of people. Honestly, I always love going with my family, or just a duo of people. I am more of a petite group kleuter of person, and when you are ultimately ter your thirties, I think you are old enough to eventually admit that. Back ter high schoolgebouw and collegium I wasgoed the type who never went to large parties, and I have no regrets about that. I would rather be at huis walking my dog or reading a book. Guess that is a bit nerdy for some, but that is the type of person I have always bot. When your more on the introverted side you are not stimulated by the large crowds, but can love smaller get togethers. So do you seem like a downright ungrateful social outcast just because you do not love attending large parties? I say not!

The Party Pooper

I always thought that wasgoed a relatively negative term to give a person just because they are not the life of the party. So even if you have never bot called a party pooper to your face, how do you contend with the skill that others know you are not enthused by parties and large groups? I love spending time with family and few friends, but I have never bot the large party zuigeling of gal. This is part of the reason I never took a shine to dating because the folder and club toneel hold no appeal to mij. I detest the taste of liquor and would rather spend money to witness on a digital camera and blogging on a Friday night rather than to go suspend out with a large crowd, or on a vensterluik date.

When you are youthfull others make you feel like a weird bird for not being social, but spil an adult you realize it is just part of your introverted personality type. Not everyone wants to be the life of the party, and it is okay not to go to a large party. I wasgoed the only person who did not care if I did not get invited to the party, and never understood the point of crashing one.

If you are looking to make lots of business connections maybe you want to go to the large party and socialize, but I have never bot able to feign rente te something I find boring. For example, people standing around te a crowd socializing a topic I couldn’t care less about makes mij just want to get up and walk away. For mij talking is more of a one on one thing ter a less boisterous environment where the two people can actually hear each other. There is no way people can decipher a word you are telling ter the cacophony of the crowd. So should you feel bad for declining an invitation to your high schoolgebouw reunion, or not going to a large event? No, actually I would not feel bad because spil an introvert I know I am just not going to love myself.

There are always people at the party you have to listen to, and I do not mind listening to others, but after awhile you might just want to get away from that. Especially when I am at a party with some talking about how this or that conservative icon is the best thing since sliced bread.

So when your friends invite you to a large party, just be upfront and admit this is not your thing. I have bot to large events like luaus and vermakelijkheid parks, but I only went with a few people. The thing about a party is you have to feign rente ter someone contending to be the most “dazzling” personality te the slagroom. I do not care about that stud’s fresh rail, or that he buys suits that cost more than my monthly rent.

When I wasgoed junior I would nod my head and just agree with most of what people said at social events, but thesis days I find it firmer to remain quiet about my true opinions, which makes socializing not an effortless thing. Admittedly there is usually a desprendido who might do the same big talk/money talk at a party, but to the few I have bot to it is the conservative man.

No longer could I hide behind my quiet damsel persona of years past, and I would have to engage ter political debate. Not my up of tea. I know they say do not discuss religion or politics, the former is inbetween mij and Aker spil a matter of individual faith, but the latter includes many social and political issues that affect our daily lives. I know from spil a blogger and online writer I have a passion for politics, and I would have more joy staying at huis to work on my blog Friday night and going on a hike on Saturday. It is okay to be different and not gezond te with the cacophony of the crowd at a party. My suggestions might not be conducive for the business person looking to make fresh connections, but if you are just thinking about your own free time and how you want to spend this being your authentic self, then do not be afraid to tell others why you might not be attending a party. Truth be told, I just find parties a bit boring. Who wants to sit around and see other people drink.

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