No 2nd Date? Here – s WHY Guys and Ladies, Long Island Single – s Advice Blog by 7 ter Heaven – Heavenly Match

No 2nd Date? Here – s WHY Guys and Ladies, Long Island Single – s Advice Blog by 7 ter Heaven – Heavenly Match

On your search for the one…we make being single joy! AND… give some good stories and advice on dating too.

Last week wij talked about how especially ter the dating world, very first impressions are forever and lasting. It’s also identically spil rough when you thought your very first impression absolutely wooed the dude, yet he never calls you again. Sigh… Fortunately for us, this week, a jiggish pair from one of our events clued mij ter some of the reasons why he or she won’t be going out on that 2nd date!

While cell phone manners, a lack of physical attraction, talking too much about yourself, and blatant pre-date lies undoubtedly apply to both genders for a NO WAY… there are some specific reasons for why a Dude won’t get a chance at getting to 2nd cojín with a chick, or maybe even the time of day again!

And LADIES, if the phone doesn’t stadionring again, below you will find some verdadero eye openers on why a stud won’t be calling back.

Ladies Very firsthere is 12 reasons why she isn’t going to come back for round two guys! There is no particular order mind below, all it takes is one or two of thesis gentlemen and you are done!

1. You’re Way Too Into Mij: Wij’re all jumpy about being liked on a very first date, but nothing will scare us quicker guys then when you are proposing marriage before the bread basket has arrived. Too much too swift makes mij want to waterput on the brakes, get out and begin running. Had you given mij the chance to get to know you a bit, I might have bot willing to say “sure I will marry you and no prenups for us!”

(well on 2nd thought… maybe not)

Two. You Gedistilleerd Too Much: I would say this applies identically for both sides of the gender fences…Drank may help relieve the initial first-date jitters. But no matter what, WASTED is not pretty and slurring isn’t sexy.

Trio. You’re Way Too Touchy-Feely: This behavior often goes forearm ter forearm with #Two. Most women want to get the sense that you respect us before wij give you the green light (aka get naked with you), But if you’re already pawing at my butt, doing your best to out your mitts all overheen mij and wij toevluchthaven’t even kissed yet, expect a swift kick to the lower region on the date and a no reaction on that next day call to mij.

Four. Bad Table Manners: A friend of mine merienda went out on a date with a stud who dunked his finger te his drink and then sucked the liquid off to demonstrate how sexy he wasgoed. Um, YUCK! Unnecessary to say, there wasgoed no date #Two.

Five. You Didn’t Suggest To Buy Mij a Drink: I’m going to waterput this one spil plain spil possible and ter one word…. CHEAP. Yes… when I become your gf there will be times, wij will be going Dutch. But if you invite mij to meet you on a very first date meeting ter a drankbuffet and you don’t opoffering to get mij even one drink, you’re a cheapskate. And there is nothing more unattractive then a cheap “what’s ter it for mij if I spend it one you” kinda man.

6. You Twittered Ter My Presence: Twittering while wij’re on our very first date? Busy texting, answering cell phone calls, won’t build up you any brownie points for having so many friends…instead it will mean one less fresh one.

I can’t trust you if you can’t look mij ter the eyes . Or worse, you seem more interested te eyeing the waitress. Even if it’s just from nerves, I don’t know if you’re anxious or a serial killer. Either way, you’re displaying a serious lack of confidence. Big no no…

8. You Make Lots Of Big Declarative Statements About What You’re Looking For: Sounds more like you just want someone that will sit and look pretty, speak only when prompted with no opinion at all. Have you thought about getting a dog instead of a gf? Don’t get mij wrong, I want to know what kinds of things are significant to you. But if you’re going down a checklist of you better be this or that… I have to wonder if a trainable golden retriever would be a better match for you then jiggish little mij.

9. You Called Your Ex-Girlfriend “Crazy”: Yep this one is a no-brainer, if you are telling that about the X you might be telling the same thing about mij one day. But I’m even more afraid that you DO have a psycho X-girlfriend and, by dating you, I’ll incur hier vengeful fury while on a date with you!

Ten. You Didn’t Bring Anything To The Conversation: I’m glad you like what I have to say, but what’s on your mind? Wij’re not at that comfy at date #1 ter the muffle stage.

11. The I Don’t Care This is Mij Look: That T-shirt has a stain on it. And the baseball cap is not adorable. You don’t have to get all fake fancy, but on the very first date shouldn’t you be attempting to look your best?

12. You Were Rude To The Waiter/Waitress: I merienda read the CEO of Staples never hires anyone for management until he takes them out to refrigerio and see how they speak to and treat the wait staff. If you’re already manhandling your relationship with a waiter/waitress, what’s the future going to be like with you?

Guys can be fickle, but sometimes, they have a pretty valid excuse for not picking up the phone to call us ladies… They are a bit simpler and less complicated then wij women, therefore wij have fewer reasons listed here. So here are 7 reasons why boys might not call you back for that 2nd date.

1. There’s no physical attraction. Boys are visual there is no doubt about it. AND you have no control overheen this one, no right or wrong unless you dyed your hair pink and lost/gained 150 pounds before going on very first date, that could certainly throw things off!

Two. Talking too much about yourself or x-boyfriend. Don’t confuse confidence with vanity—if you’re going on and on about yourself, we’re not coming back for seconds. Be sure to keep the conversation two-sided, and keep some mystery alive by not jamming your biography into an hour-long dinner. And NO X-boyfriend talk! What guys hear when you talk about your X, even if you give the signal you like him is: “I’m still into this dude, but yeah, you’re, uh, pretty OK.”

Three. Cell phone maniacs. If you’re on the phone permanently during a very first date, don’t expect a call from the man zometeen on. This applies to texting, too, ter fact, texting seems even ruder.

Four. Vulgarity. Guys like a dame who can be spil vulgar spil their fellow friends, but don’t trot out your award-winning burps or four-letter fiestas until at least the 2nd or third date.

Five. Blatant pre-date lies. This one’s common with the internet dating crowd. Don’t tell lies about yourself before the date kicks off, be yourself always. Don’t say that you’re a rich forearm monster who likes Russian literature (yes some of this stuff indeed has bot said… can’t make this stuff up) unless, of course, you actually can pull that one off by speaking Russian phases and getting the best manicure te town!

6. You missed his signals. Some guys have trouble making a stir, and if you shrugged off his arm on your shoulder because you were hot or leaned away from a smooch because you heard your neighbors going through your trash, he might be feeling rejected. Call him to set things straight. And while you’re at it, call the cops on your creepy neighbors.

7. He still mourning someone else. If it wasgoed just a very first date, an old relationship might have flared up again, or the dude might have met someone else that he’d rather date. There is no vivo obligation to call you and say anything since, well, it wasgoed a very first date . Don’t hold it against him, but don’t wait around either. If you don’t get a call within about a week of the very first date, leave behind about it and budge on … NEXT

Opinions? Comments? Private practices?

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