The Heartographer

The Heartographer

Are you sick of going on dates that never click, or hardly getting any replies to your OkCupid messages? Does endless Tinder swiping stress you out?

I’m here to help! You can book one-on-one coaching with mij to cut to the pursue. If you choose to get a feel for mij very first, druppel mij a line to schedule a free intro talk.

Too broke to hire my expertise? No worries! Subscribe to my blog, my free advice newsletter, and my advice podcast Constant. (You can even call ter to Sustained and get your questions answered on the air for free.)

One way or another, I’ll demystify online dating for you!

Latest Blog Posts

No more fresh clients

Well, this is kleuter of surprising. I have a job! A fantastic one! Like, for another company, not just for myself.

This is good news for mij. After running my puny business utter time for almost three years, I missed having coworkers. Heck, I even missed having a commute!

While this is a very titillating chance for mij, I’m sad to say I won’t be able to keep helping clients with online dating coaching. I will, however, proceed to assist people via my podcast Sustained, and I’ll also be launching online dating courses at some point. I may eventually acquiesce and take on a client or two vanaf quarter, too. Stay tuned for all that sort of thing via my newsletter. (And existing clients, don’t worry, wij’ll find ways to schedule te the remaining coaching you’ve booked, unless you choose a prorated refund.)

Thank you all so much for this amazing entrepreneurship journey—wish mij luck te Big Tech!

Out of town and out of touch

Hey y’all! I’ll be escaping Seattle for the next few weeks, taking a much-needed zindelijk vacation. So I won’t be checking all that many emails or texts, and I certainly won’t be taking on fresh clients. Say, have you everzwijn bot on a tour? Perhaps while you were single and had active online dating profiles? [&hellip,]

My touchy-feely postbode about blubbering te public

Hi everyone! I just got back from xoxofest, which wasgoed magical. I’ll tell you more about it ter a sec. The night before I left, I spotted that fantastic movie Sleeping With Other People I had given away advance screening ticktes to. It wasgoed FANTASTIC! I wish I’d managed to get that posted before it opened [&hellip,]

Seattle Steekmug Shots on 9/20!

Our next Steekmug Shots profile picture event is on Sunday, September 20th te the afternoon. Specific time and location details are forthcoming. Pricing ranges from $149 to $199, depending on how many people sign up—but if wij have a total set of eight attendees, everyone gets the cheaper price. So spread the word! 🙂 Want [&hellip,]

“Sleeping With Other People” free tickets!

Hey Seattle readers! Guess what? Wij get to go see a movie together for free! (Or, you know, you can overlook mij and wij can sit separately. Whatever. I see how it is.) IFC films reached out with free passes to an advanced screening of a fresh filmrolletje “Sleeping With Other People.” It starlets Jason [&hellip,]

Let’s learn from the Ashley Madison hack

Sometimes there’s online dating stuff te the news that I take forever to comment on. I want to truly roll it overheen ter my mind, think about what’s bot published, and have a good treat on my thoughts. This Ashley Madison hack is a little different. I don’t care that much about the news, but [&hellip,]

Why Anna Akana hates going to caf

Hectare! I am catching up on emails after a long week of volunteering at App Camp for Damsels. But of course, “catching up on emails” also means I from time to time catch up on Twitter, too, ya know? And this fresh Anna Akana movie popped into my feed and totally cracked mij up. (Stick around for the [&hellip,]

Out of town for App Camp for Damsels, Steekmug Shots, and more

Hi all! I’m going to be ter San Francisco for about a week, which means I won’t be spil active about scheduling fresh clients. I might even skip recording Sustained, it all depends on whether I can lightly find a podcasting space ter San Francisco. I’m an optimist, though—I’ll pack my mic! 🙂 Spil you very likely [&hellip,]

San Francisco Steekmug Shots on June 9!

Wij’re doing it! Wij’re having Steekmug Shots te San Francisco on Tuesday, June 9th, from Trio:30-5:30 PM, at an awesome outdoor patio ter walking distance from all the main WWDC activity. It’s a mere $129 (plus whatever you consume) vanaf person for a joy glad hour that’s ridiculously cheap compared to a utter portrait session. Email [&hellip,]

Dating apps on Apple See

I got an Apple Witness because I’m a big dork, and I wasgoed indeed excited to be an early adopter of this fresh product. (I know smartwatches have existed for ages, but I’m deep te the Apple ecosystem so I wasn’t that interested te offerings from other companies.) But ter secret, I also got it [&hellip,]

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