I believe ter the past they mention that they will never make any drastic switches to there webpagina.

I believe ter the past they mention that they will never make any drastic switches to there webpagina.

Ebay’s Free Classified Webpagina

Craigslist is the king of free classified ads. Anyone can postbode an ad and have it placed ter vuurlijn of a large audience for free te their específico area. The growth of Craigslist has bot credited for millions of dollars of lost revenue for newspapers. Use it to sell items locally, find a roomy, and even for casual hookup. Yes, there’s a bit of everything on Craigslist and it’s all free to postbode, accept for jobs. They charge for those.

There are now all sorts of free classified ad sites for everything from cars to dating. Slew of Fish has become the top free personals webpagina, while Microsoft entered the spel with Expo Live. Te 2008, Expo live wasgoed shut down proving how hard it is to get traction te the free classifieds space. Google has also attempted to get into the listing space. Google Cojín has turned into Google’s Merchant center where product listings can be uploaded. It is no longer a free classified webpagina.

Would you rather have a way to postbode your free classified ad across numerous sites from one place, or is the more stijlvol solution to aggregate ads like Oodle? Oodle has turned into a social marketplace that distributes listings across the wij and to sites like Facebook.

Best Free Classified Ad Webstek

Is Craigslist the best free classified ad webstek?

Why is it so hard to embark a free classified webpagina

Large companies and entreprenuers have attacked the free classified space by leveraging their big brands ter ecommerce like eBay to creating niche sites for every erecto category. Almost all of them fail. The main reason is that a marketplace needs buyers and sellers. People will list their products where they can sell them quickly and lightly. Right now, that’s predominated by Craigslist. There just isn’t a compelling reason to for shoppers to switch.

Ebay remains committed and even possesses a significant lump of Craigslist, but thus far, it hasn’t made material progress te the US Market with only a few million visitors each month.

Fresh Markets

Craigslist has largely overlooked the mobile classified space. I think this is the chance to attack the market, but people would be wise to think about this space spil how to build the best community rather than the best contraptions. A mobile community ter the classified space can take down CL.


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I agree about posting te numerous cities. Wij live 1/Two way inbetween Two major cities (cleveland and akron) and could pull ter buyers from either, but no, CL will not permit it, wij get flagged all the time

Five years ago from USA

Craigslist is the thickest classified but not user friendly. It has elementary but a not ordinary interface.

Check out Ebay Classifieds. You can either get there by typing it into Google, or go to Ebay and click on the Classifieds listig te their spijskaart. It’s free to postbode and it works locally by region the same way Craigslist does.

Also, I personally think it looks better and is lighter to use. Ebay possesses part of Craigslist and has a member on their Three member houtvezelplaat of directors so Ebay Classifieds is growing. It used to be Kajiji, but they switched the name.

i love craigslist.best webpagina everzwijn.i definetely have it up all day every day.long live CL.

Craigslist has got its own place ter people’s heart. But its not about what people think anymore. Its about sellers getting their sales pitch conveyed and possible buyers being suggested with what they want. So people will love craigslist spil always but also they will always be ter search of better and more places to advertise. After all advertising te classifieds has always bot inspired by the idea of getting more exposure.

Sell ??Used cars online has many advantages overheen through locorregional vertoning slagroom

I choose to make a review on the blog or on twitter, but quickly got requests for it via Craigslist is very good especially for the USA

Craigslist is the boss of free classified ads. Thanks for nicely explain this subject.

Craigslist is the boss of free classified ads. Thanks for nicely explain this subject.

Oops, I klapper the &quot,Postbode Comment&quot, button too soon.

Anyhow, I am getting things configured and launch a webpagina that covers some of the missing features that Craigslist and eBay’s Classifieds next month. February Three, 2011 to be precies.

There are power advertisers that wants to be able to publish ads across numerous cities and categories, and there are power seekers that want to be able to search county, state or nation broad for items without having to switching regions for each query. The upcoming webpagina will address their needs. At the same time, other features that included are ad discussion, bookmark, ad tegenstoot, activate/de-activate ads (good to notify ad seekers that you have sold your items so that they don’t have to voeling you), and more.

Again, the webpagina will go live on February Trio, 2011. I am looking for users, both ad publishers and ad seekers, to attempt out and tell mij if certain web pages’ content need clarification.

Hope to see you all there.

It will eventually toebijten.

7 years ago from Burlingame, CA

I keep thinking that someone will begin to give cl a run for their money. Zuigeling if like what google did to yahoo ter search.

I agree with Todd, there are slew of classified sites out there that are good. The only thing that’s hold Craigslist together is popularity and pagina loading rate. I believe ter the past they mention that they will never make any drastic switches to there webpagina. Still a good investment for Mr. Buckmaster. Vanaf Kiji, they will proceed to improve there webpagina and they have proven that through there webpagina. Oodle, I believe is the very first aggregating classified webpagina or at least well known for it which is something different from the surplus of them, think of it spil a search engine to other classified sites. Not sure with the other webpagina but heard Olx is up there with Craig/Kijiji. I guess I can add one more to the list that I stumbled upon, extoldeals is another específico classified webpagina that just began and I believe they aren’t charging anything.

*** The postbode above mij should be deleted, nothing relavent to the subject. I take it he’s a fan of craigslist lol ***

Yea Craig’s list wasgoed king and it may still be but not for long if the crazy flagging people proceed to harries a sellers listing for no reason at all other than the fact they did not like your price.

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