I hear amputation works well ouch!

I hear amputation works well ouch!

can any one suggest mij a treatment for órganos sexuales herpes?

Hey Kristurpin. I’m a herbalist and that’s all I overeenkomst with. I don’t know what’s available to you but here goes. Very first you need to cleanse the bod. All cells salt for the lymphatics, alfalfa for an intestinal scrub, cascara sagrada for the bowels, beet root for the liver, and burdock root for the blood. You have got to switch the diet, fresh fruits and veggies organic. Leave the dairy and meat , sugar, flour alone. All thesis cause mucus. After a week of above cleanse, use Plantain- 40-80 drops following meals, Broad Beans-1tbsp 3x/day, Sutherlandia comb. 3-10 drops with meals. Now if you can’t get the Sutherlandia comb. get Sutherlandia Ten drops with meals, Virginia Snake Root 20-40 drops with meals, and Bee Pollen10-40drops merienda a day, you already have the Cascara(1 capsule with a glass of distilled water at night before retiring). also take 1tsp of Broad Beans, Plantain, and Sutherland comb. and mix together and grope generously overheen the area. Do everything 6 days straight and surplus the 7th(same day every week) until desired results. Now with herbs you may get a few days of discomfort te the beginning, this is natural, spil the toxins and wastes are being moved out of the bod. Stay the course, go after the instructions and you will keurig the problem.

Wow, I’d love to hear your cures for cancer and AIDS.

Spil a medical herbalist of 15, I see (or hear) of this all the time.

Órganos sexuales herpes is from the Herpes Virus family. Herpes Simplex Virus 1 to be precies.

You can do all the cleansing of your blood, lymphatics and other systems that you want, but the virus will remain ter your bod. This is what thesis viruses do. It is the same virus family spil chicken pox and shingles. They live te your spine, and you pauze out under stress and other conditions. You can eliminate all the toxins from your bod, but you can not keurig Herpes. You can heal it, and stave it off, but it will live ter your bod forever. Thesis viruses do this.

What I suggest to my clients, is lemon balm. Lemon balm is a member of the mint family, and has bot used for thousands of years for vírico skin infections. &lt,verbinding snipped – no promotional linksom&gt,

It contains Eugenol, and other flavonoids which help zekering outbreaks. If used daily, it can zekering future outbreaks.

I also suggest a combination that I call lemon balm on &quot,steroids&quot. It is an herbal mix with lemon balm, echinacea, olive leaf, rooibos, and others to boost the healing quicker. Used daily, this too will help keep the herpes at bay.

Wij sell thousands of lemon balm products each month. Wij have customers who repeat order too. Even Dr. Oz now promotes Lemon Balm for cold sores and herpes.

I have written several articles on lemon balm.

&lt,verbinding snipped – no promotional linksaf&gt,

&lt,verbinding snipped – no promotional linksaf&gt,

PS. While there are herbs for cancer, there are many herbs that can NOT be used with AIDS patients.

You are right on the money. I think it’s a shame the linksaf were eliminated. The sites had some good information on them. &lt,listig snipped&gt, is one of them if someone wants to type that out without spaces.

Yes, md5. It is a shame that they took out the linksaf. Being that I wasgoed promoting my hubs, which te turn makes money for them.

I see many linksom ter the forums, so I don’t know why they did this.

It’s my understanding that viruses can be killed – do not live forever te the bod – if one uses herbs that kill viruses, such spil oil of oregano. What do you know about this?

Your understanding is wrong.

So is that just for microbio or fungus?

Oregano oil is one of the best antibacterial and antifungal oils and is good for many things. The essential oil should not be ingested, however. The herb can be used for ingestion purposes.

You can use oregano oil for fungus like penetrate fungus, or skin fungus. You can also use it to treat bacterial infections.

Most viruses diegene. Many do not. Herpes, AIDS, and automóvil immune issues do not diegene. They can lay dormant for years, and be inactive, but they live ter the tissues.

You are welcome! Blessed Day to you!

I hear amputation works well ouch!

You attempt it, and let mij know how it goes for you. lol.

How about going to the doctor?? I hear that they can be quiebro good for solving medical problems.

Oh. and don’t go spreading your diseases after smoking your snake oil.

Herbs have bot used thousands of years before there were medical doctors. A good herbalist has had medical training.

Doctors from all overheen the US (and overseas) order lemon balm ointment and Melissa Juice from us for their patients all the time. I guess they realize that herbs have a powerful influence on healing, and not all their patients want drugs.

75% of drugs come from herbs anyway. They pick out the natural chemicals, and adulterate them into chemicals ter a laboratorium, so they can patent them, and then sell them.

Cloverleaffarm, There are many schools of thought on herbal healing. I read of a dandi ter NY yesterday who says he corrects thesis same illnesses wij are discussing with diet alone. Add some crimson onion broth and Olive Leaf to the mix and see what happens. You said it yourself, it can be healed. If I can take a 40 year old man and he at 60 is leading a productive life? Cancer, herpes and aids are te the blood. If you can onberispelijk cancer by cleaning the blood, why not the others? The figure stands on three piles, digestion, liver function, and elimination. The chicken pox virus propagates ter a medium of excess mucus. Ter the absence of such medium( mucus from excessive starches and sugars etc.), the virus cannot get through. Actually, spil long spil the child has bot exposed, the condition is there. A good breakout of chicken pox ,spil with most childhood diseases, is a bliss. This is an indication that the assets has toxic materials ter it that most be eliminated. Like any other virus, you eliminate its huis. Cancer proceeds ter people because they attempt to burn it(radiation), poison it( chemo), or cut it out(surgery). With the very first Two, they kill the good cells along with the bad plus adding all the radiation and poison(toxins) into the assets, to be fought off. The surgery permits all of the bad cells to spill overheen into other areas of the figure through the blood, no way to avoid that happening during surgery. If you have a clean lymphatic, liver, blood, bowel, your pH should be objetivo. The battle of health is overheen pH. The germs and viruses are morphic, meaning they switch ter form based on the cellular condition of the patient. Dis-ease vanishes when you establish HEALTH from head to toe.

The herpes outbreaks can be healed, but the disease can not be eliminated. You may not have pauze outs for years, because it lays dormant, but it can not be eliminated by herbs, or by traditional medicine.

You can not eliminate AIDS either. You can treat the symptoms, but the disease is everzwijn present.

Cancer, or should I say certain cancers can be cured, and eliminated from the bod with herbs, decent nutrition and the like. One does not have to choose traditional chemo, radiation or surgery.

To each his own.

Also, I know that some foods can encourage breakouts but I always get confused spil to which ones cause and which help. Potatoes, nuts? One does the helping and the other causes the breakouts. Any thoughts?

Polio, infantile paralysis, curvature of the spine, muscular dystrophy, numerous sclerosis, leukemia, multple myceloma, and many others are labeled incurable conditions. There are natural wholistic routines of rebuilding malfunctioned areas with beneficial but harmless nontoxic procedures. Thesis natural methods hvae bot used since the time of Hippocrates, Galen, and other inspired teachers of health.

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