Is eHarmony Free? Online Dating Advice, Free Dating Guide and Tips

Is eHarmony Free? Online Dating Advice, Free Dating Guide and Tips

Is eHarmony Free?

Is eHarmony free? This question comes up from time to time and the brief reaction is: no, eHarmony is not free (see this postbode for cost information).

Parts of the service are free and there are also free events that the service has from time to time. Thesis two areas can confuse very first time users about eHarmony so I’ll explain each of them and what exactly is free about eHarmony.

What Parts of eHarmony Are Free?

eHarmony is an online dating service that is all about matching you with other singles based on your personality. Because of this, the personality test is entirely free to take and your personality results are also free. Thesis results will describe to you what type of person you are ter a relationship and help define the type of singles you should be looking to date.

Merienda you’ve finished with your profile, eHarmony will then search other singles te your area and provide you with the best matches based on your personality. You can view your matches for free spil well. However, you will not be able to view the photos ter thesis profiles.

eHarmony Events

eHarmony has free weekends that occur on most months. Normally thesis run anywhere from Two to Five days, albeit there have bot events that have bot spil long spil Ten days. When thesis free events are occurring you can communicate with your matches.

Because thesis free events exist, I recommend anyone thinking of attempting eHarmony sign up so they can take advantage of them. If you sign up, you’ll start to collect matches and then when the next free event comes you can communicate with them. Just be sure that when you sign up you have enabled the setting for eHarmony to send you email updates on their events so you’ll know when one is happening.

More on eHarmony and Free Events

If you’re looking to learn more about eHarmony you can see this article where I discuss exactly how eHarmony works. Also, if you are interested te what the flagrante pricing of eHarmony is, check out this postbode on eHarmony cost.

I also attempt to discuss each of the eHarmony free events spil well spil other free online dating specials when I hear about them. You can see a list of thesis te my eHarmony free weekends postbode and also my list of all free events that I’ve talked about on this webpagina.

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