Scams te Colombia to observe out for – Colombia Forum

Scams te Colombia to observe out for – Colombia Forum

Bot interested after watching the Vloeistof Geo showcase Scam City, one of which visits Buenos Aires.

Are there are scams you guys on here have experienced te Colombia?

Im am pretty streetwise having travelled across Asia, but this will be my very first time to Colombia and South America.

The Scam City series is a clumsy, poorly produced yawn fest that despairingly attempts to be relevant but falls vapid on its face.

Colombia – like almost any Latin destination – has it’s share of scams of course, but te my opinion it offers nothing particularly interesting, unique or clever for an experienced traveller. After parts of Asia and the Indian Subcontinent I would even rate it spil fairy boring ter the scam department.

None that were attempted on mij or that I heard about a loterijlot. I’m sure the same usual tricks are being pulled spil te Mokum or Jakarta. Most common is distraction tactics, or sneakily getting to your valuables while you’re not paying attention (or you’ve bot so naive spil to waterput them on the floor or dangle them from the back of your seat).

Oh- and lost and found doesn’t exist. Hey will never have found anything. You lose it, it’s for the very first person who finds it.

So being travel-savvy you should be fine.

The only thing that comes closest to scamming is the prices bus companies attempt to make you pay, so always haggle: prices are negociable. And the time they tell you it will take, always add an hour. If they say it takes Five hours it’s 6.

Oh – and one thing ter Medellin: a beggar will ask you if you can please buy him a bocadillo because he’s so thirsty. To prove that he’s using the money for food not drugs, he will let you order and pay for the bocadillo. But straks on he will sell the bocadillo and use the money for drugs anyway. Your choice whether you want to support this system. But at least it’s not a scam ter which someone attempts to steal from you.

On the internet you read a loterijlot about the ‘demon’s breath’ / scopolamine but I toevluchthaven’t heard about it from any Colombian or traveller ter Colombia. Be careful if a dodgy fellow all of a sudden moves ter your direction however. A wasgoed a bit paranoid about it at times and have avoided certain guys who set off my intuition hulpgeroep bells. But at the same time I wonder if the stories are true. I mean, wouldn’t that be the most popular drug ter the entire world by now??…

But again, I never came across anyone who told mij about it first-hand or even second-hand while I wasgoed te Colombia for Five weeks. Urban myth??

Anyway, have joy! Use your intuition, Bogota after dark can be dodgy, Medellin Centro can be chaotic and intimidating even te daytime. I needed to just sit and take a breather everzwijn now and then. Funnily enough the poor Santo Domingo area ter Medellin felt a loterijlot safer and more doable / plain. Poblado not too bad either but evidently can have tricky alleys after dark.

And I’m no sissy and had travelled solo te places like Salvador da Bahia, Nairobi, Dar Es Salaam and Listón before this. But just don’t carry any (or very few) valuables with you, go effortless on the witness & earring wearing, and be waakzaam of your surroundings.

At the same time the smaller towns can feel safer than my huis country, old cowboys and students alike chit talk with you and drape out on the plazas.

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