There wasgoed no research to do, no writers block to suffer attempting to think of what should toebijten next, no 2nd guessing the ending.

There wasgoed no research to do, no writers block to suffer attempting to think of what should toebijten next, no 2nd guessing the ending.

The Events You Are About To Read Are True.

Chapter Two – By Popular Request

Spil can be deduced by the title, this is not the very first hub on this subject and very possibly it won’t be the last. Fortunately, it is not a series te which you HAVE to read the previous Chapter to understand what is going on spil it is pretty self-explanatory. You may wonder, tho’, WHY I wrote it and that is very effortless to explain.

Very first of all, I didn’t have to work very hard. There wasgoed no research to do, no writers block to suffer attempting to think of what should toebijten next, no 2nd guessing the ending. I already knew how it ended because I wasgoed there.

The main reason, tho’, is because of all the awesome comments I received from Chapter One-The Bridge Story. I wrote it just for joy and wasgoed nosey whether anyone would even read it since it didn’t train, sell or inform anyone about anything other than human nature, my nature to be precies. So this hub is for everyone I promised a 2nd story to. It may not measure up to the innovador, but then, the sequel never does.

Pre-Humiliation Setup

There were seven of us living te a house ter Lagos, Nigeria, three couples and one single stud. Wij were there at the very beginning programma stages of a large construction project. Since this house wasgoed going to be our huis for several years, wij had bot busting it attempting to get it into clean, comfy, livable form. This included getting two guest rooms ready for two more couples who would be living with us for about a month during contract negotiations.

For two weeks wij were doing everything, like scraping, rebuffing and sealing the floors, repairing walls and painting, sewing fresh curtains and making bedspreads spil well spil purchasing items for the guest rooms like lamps, kettles, mugs. etc, all the things you would find ter a hotel guest slagroom. Wij indeed dreamed our guests to be convenient and love their stay with us.

Wij thought wij had slew of time with almost a week to finish before our long- term guests arrived. Then wij got word that the Nigerian branch committee desired to have the Construction Committee meeting at our house on Friday, which wasgoed only two days away. That meant that our two guest rooms would be packed earlier than wij expected and with Branch Committee members and their wives. It is no exaggeration that wij were working on the rooms almost up until the time they arrived Thursday afternoon. Wij indeed desired to make a good impression since this is the very first time wij had visitors from the Branch office since wij moved ter.

Abasement Buildup

Things were going well and the following morning after a successful breakfast, one of the visiting wives wasgoed helping us clean up ter the kitchen. Wij inquired spil to whether the bloembed wasgoed comfy and whether she could think of anything else that the slagroom needed. Wij talked about that for a minute and then she dropped the bombshell on us. Here is how the conversation went from there:

Matter of factly she said, “Oh, by the way, wij found a pair of undies under our bedding.”

Stunned, my friend and I just stared at each other and then at hier. Then I said, “Do you mean dudes’s or women’s?”, knowing total well that she wouldn’t have called fellows’s underwear “undies”, but hoping just the same.

“Oh, it wasgoed women’s undies”, she said, “but they were clean, so don’t worry.”

“What were you doing looking under the bloembed!” Most likely not the most tactful thing I could have said, but I wasgoed attempting to waterput SOME zuigeling of humor into the situation.

“Well, they weren’t indeed UNDER the bloembed, but on the floor by the edge of the bedspread.”

By now the two of us are totally horrified and there isn’t truly anything much else to say, except:

“Wij are so sorry about this. I can’t imagine how it could have happened or how wij could have overlooked something like that.”

I had thought of all kinds of other things to say, like “Wij had to attempt out the slagroom very first just to make sure it wasgoed comfy.” Or, “Wij were just attempting to anticipate all your needs.”, but for merienda I didn’t let my mouth run without my brain. So what did wij do? Basically, wij groveled and it seemed to work.

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