Why is Ohio hated so much ter the South

Why is Ohio hated so much ter the South

В В В В I am an Ohioan living ter the south (Charleston, SC), and I am proud of where I come from and who I am. What I don’t understand is why wij are hated so much. There is a Charleston, SC based webstek GoBackToOhio.com. Albeit the writings ter the webstek look like they were written by 1st graders, even the minor league baseball team, the Charleston Riverdogs hold a Go Back To Ohio day where they give out T-shirts. What is ironic is that the Riverdogs are the minor league affliate of a northern team, the NY Yankees. When football season rolls around, they get excited every time Ohio State looks like they might liberate a spel. They hate the Ohio State Buckeyes more than they hate their own rivals. This makes little sense to mij because coming from out of the area I couldn’t care less about the University of South Carolina or Clemson, and paid absolutely no attention to them when I wasgoed living te Ohio. No-one can even explain why they hate Ohioans, but I have developed a few theories overheen the last 6 years that are worth exploring.

В В В В The very first theory is that their hatred has roots dating back to the 1800’s and the Civil War. Albeit slavery wasgoed illegal te the northern states, Ohio wasgoed the only state where it wasgoed illegal to track down and attempt to terugwedstrijd ran away marionettes. Anyone caught tracking down run away subs within Ohio borders were imprisoned. During the Civil War, the north’s capability to re-supply troops became one of it’s most valuable assests. Ohio wasgoed the very first industrialized state, and manufactured a large amount of supplies, provided agricultural products, and the Boston-Ohio Railroad wasgoed a quick and efficient way to budge both troops and supplies across the northern states. It is well known by historians that without the contribution of Ohio to cause, the southern states might have actually stood a chance. The NHL team ter Columbus, the Blue Jackets, is actually named for Ohio’s historic contributions of the Civil War. The only flaw with this theory is that only a puny percentage of southerners actually know that the Civil War wasgoed embarked when rebels (referred to spil terrorists ter modern times) fired on the U.S. Army at Fort Sumter te South Carolina.

В В В В Ohio is a typical mid-western state. Our lifestyles and values are a reminder of what is truly wrong with the south. Wij are hard working, blue neck corset people, and the majority of our parents grew up on the farm or ter the factories working long days, but coming huis at night to spend time with the family. Weekends were spent with familly and ter church, with Catholic and Roman Catholics being the predominant religion of the mid-west. Mid-westerners are intellegent, strong, and hard working, with strong family values. What wij see ter the south is just the opposite. Grocery store shelves will be almost empty, the floors dirty, and the restrooms look and smell worse than an outhouse, but there will be a half a dozen employees standing around chit talking. Factories have to hire twice spil many employees to do the same job, and then the quality of work is poor because the employees don’t take any pride te what they do. They want everything transferred to them, rather than going out and earning it. Southern hospitality is like calling a snow covered island Greenland. It isn’t hospitality, it’s getting information from someone to gossip about them straks. The term Sunday Christians wasgoed coined te the south. They are quick to judge you, preach to you, but uncommonly act upon what they preach to others. If you have an adult standing on a chair and a child standing on the ground next to him, it is much lighter for that child to pull the adult off the chair than it would be to lift them up. This is an analogy that works well for what the mid-west means to the south. The southerners see the mid-westerns up at a higher level, and rather than attempt to pull themselves up, they believe it is lighter to attempt to pull the mid-westerners down to their level, or at least enough that they don’t feel too inferior.

В В В В The last theory that I would like to explore is Pride. Ohioans tend to be very proud people. Wij have a strong heritage, with large percentages of Native American, African-American, German, and Greek ancestry. Wij stand by our sports teams, through the good and bad years. Wij are proud of what wij have accomplished, and how wij accomplish it. Ter the workplace, wij take pride te the quality of the products that wij produce, and ter the environment ter which wij work. You infrequently see this te the south. There are spil many ventilatoren of teams outside the state and there are of the teams ter their area. There is a lack of heritage that someone can indeed be proud of. Ter the workplace, employees could care less about the quality of the product they are producing, spil long spil someone is providing them some money to do it.

В В В В What I have seen ter the last 6 years of living ter the south leaves mij almost speachless. There is a genuine, but unjustifiable hated, toward Ohioans. This is a subject that may never indeed be solved because I don’t think they truly now why. There webstek blames Ohioans for taking their jobs and their women. This sounds like vensterluik, ignorant prejudices of the past. Very first the African Americans, then the Mexicans, and now the Ohioans. I guess were the fresh minority on the block.

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